Top 4 Website Trends for 2022

Jackie L.


Are you looking to bring your website into 2022 with some cool website trends?  It’s always important to take a look at your website traffic stats to see where improvements need to be made.  Customers want websites that are easy to access, easy to find what they need, and are simple and clear.  

Take a look at these 4 awesome trends you can incorporate into your website design to make the user experience better.

Voice Search Optimization

In 2020, there were over 4.2 billion voice assistants in homes across the world. With voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana, more and more people are using voice features to search for items or services they need.  This means that not only do you need keywords and phrases that people would type out for SEO, but you need long-tail keywords that people would say.  An example of this would be “restaurants near me” and “where is the closest restaurant to me?”

Go into Dark Mode

Dark mode has been a godsend for those who use their phones or computers constantly for pleasure and work.  Why not use it for your website design?  Dark mode is much better on the eyes by decreasing eye strain.  The dark color palette can also allow you to play with more vibrant colors, so your visitors can be led to important areas of your website easier.  

Utilizing Local SEO

With the pandemic still on-going, people are looking more and more into local options that are close to them.  In 2022, website trends contain keywords and phrases such as “close by” or “near me”.  Start tapping into your local market.  Choose your main location and add a few that are in the surrounding area.  For customers, it’s all about convenience and the familiar.  Be sure to also optimize your Google Business listing to have your location.  

Dynamic Content

We want to attract more traffic to our websites and have high conversion rates.  One way to do this is dynamic content.  Based on where a visitor is located, their browsing history, and other habits online, your website can be designed in a way that shows them content they are looking for.  So, every visitor is going to have a different experience on your website!  Whether you have a product or service based business, your website will show visitors you are what they are looking for.

Keeping up with website trends is one of the biggest ways we can ensure that we continue to attract traffic to our websites.  Find one that works for yours so you give the best user experience possible.  

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