4 Ways to Bring Your Business Website into 2022

Jackie L.


We are one month away from 2022.  It’s a great time to start thinking about how you can update your website to be even better and more easy to use in the new year.  Trends are always changing but one thing remains the same- we must always update our business website!  Leaving a website as it can greatly affect your search engine ranking and worse, the customer experience.  The better your website is running and performing, the higher it will rank on search engine result pages and keep people coming back.

Rethink Your Customer’s Journey

We’re not saying to redo your whole business website!  That’s too grande a venture (unless it really needs it).  We’re saying to think of your business website as part of a journey for the customer.  Think about where your customer starts, or hears about you.  Is that social media?  Maybe a search engine result?  Set the starting point and then track it from there.  The more clear you get about this journey, the better you can update your website to help them make the purchase.

Communication All in One Place

We know there are many places for a customer to contact you.  You want them to be able to contact you easily to share both positive and negative reviews or concerns.  Make it easier for you AND the customer by having all of this in one place: your website!  Give them a wide variety of ways to get in contact with you, be it email, phone, live chat, or more.  This is easier on you because you don’t need to spread yourself so thin across several channels.

Improve Performance Speed

Did you know that with only a 0.1 increase in loading times can drastically change the customer experience?  This is one that never ever goes out of style.  There is always something you can help increase page loading times.  Do an audit on your business website.  Are there images that are not loading or taking too long to load?  Optimize them!  Are there broken links on your website?  Fix them or replace them!  Whatever it is, find ways to increase load times for a more enjoyable customer experience.

Make Your Website Accessible to All

Sometimes, we may indirectly create websites that are not for all customers.  The more accessible you make the website to those with disabilities, the more likely you will increase traffic to your website.  Check for ADA compliance and make adjustments where needed.  With the on-going pandemic, everyone, and I mean everyone, is shopping online.  Make sure you are one of the businesses that helps everyone have a  superb experience.

Take these 4 easy tips to update your website for 2022! Continue to make adjustments where needed, and always check your website quarterly to improve it. You’ll be setting yourself up for business success in the new year!  

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