The Ins & Outs of Email Marketing

Jackie L.


Did you know that almost 65% of small businesses use email marketing as their go-to marketing tool?  Email marketing is one of the best online marketing tools you can have.  It’s more reliable than social media, which can go down and you run the risk of losing all your content.  But how do you build an email list?  This is something that is on the minds of many startup companies.  It can be a challenge to grow an email list but there are a few hacks to help you grow it the right way, and fast.

Don’t Buy An Email List

Let’s be real.  It’s 2021.  The algorithms and email providers know when something hasn’t been organically grown.  And we aren’t talking about food.

If you buy your email subscriber list, you are buying people’s emails that didn’t specifically opt into yours.  Then, your email that you worked so hard on is considered instant spam and sent right to the spam box.  You also may violate a term of service, which is grounds for suspending or deleting your account by email providers.

Do Grow it Organically

When we say “organically”, we mean you gather those emails yourself without any shady side help.  There are several ways to grow an email list organically.  One of the best ways is to provide an offer in exchange for their email.  Usually, you won’t be able to grow a list if you have nothing of value on the other side.  This can be a free offer, class, webinar or masterclass sign up.  Think about what your target audience wants, and give them a little treat for giving you an email address.

How Often Should You Send Emails?

This is a hard question to answer when it comes to email marketing, because it can greatly depend on the industry, your target audience, and the value you have to share.  You can do this by looking at the data you already have to determine how much and when you should send an email.  You can also do some experimenting to see what is the best time and frequency to email.  Test out times of day, headline wording, and using images vs no images to get a better sense of what works.

Do Make Unsubscribing Easy

I know.  That sounds strange.  The last thing we want is people to unsubscribe from our email lists.  However, if you make it difficult or worse, don’t even provide a way to unsubscribe at all, it will hurt the trust your audience has in you.  Making it easy to unsubscribe from your list actually helps you grow the list organically.  So, don’t hide that unsubscribe button!  Let your subscribers know it’s there if they want to leave.

Email marketing is one of the best tools for your business, but it can be a challenge to grow your email list the right way.  Remember that growing something takes time and experimentation to find the right formula that works for you and your audience.  Do it the right way and you will see results fast.

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