Email Marketing: The Best Tool for Your Strategy

Jackie L.


Knowing where your dollar really goes far when it comes to your marketing strategy and ROI (return on investment) is extremely important.  There are many ways to market to consumers online.  There’s email marketing, paid advertisements, plus marketing channels in social media.  Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach your target audience.  With so many options, it’s hard not to see how much this marketing tool can really help you bring in a high ROI.  According to an article at Lyfe Marketing, Email marketing comes in at #3 in high ROI as compared to social media or paid advertising.

We are going to compare the most used marketing tactics to help you get a sense of why email marketing should be your go-to tactic in 2020.

Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Social media is a beast in the digital world.  However, it’s not the best place to allot the majority of your marketing budget.

Social media burnout is a real problem.  More and more users are taking a break from social media for extended periods of time.  In 2018, 25% of users deleted the Facebook app from their phone, while more than 40% took a break from using the social media giant.  With recent data breaches through social media, more users are starting to tighten their privacy settings too.  ROI is possible with social media, but email marketing is a safer bet.

Email is used by almost 3 billion people, as opposed to the several hundred millions with a social media account.  Emails from businesses are more trustworthy, as consumers believe email providers better protect their data.  Add in personalizing emails, segmenting lists, and engaging welcome emails provide a more pleasurable customer experience in the long run.

Paid Advertisements and Email Marketing

Paid advertisements should be something you use in addition to email marketing.  However it shouldn’t be your forefront tactic.  With paid advertisements, you are competing with others for the top spots in searches on places like Google.  Adverts are also seen as annoying by most internet users.  Think about Youtube and those ads you have to wait to click the skip button…

When it comes to email marketing, you don’t have to compete with competitors or spend a lot of money to get people to see your promotions.  Over 70% of millennials say that email is their preferred way of connecting to and engaging with a business.  As always, content is king when it comes to getting to know a business. Email is a great way to share your content to your audience.  You can’t get that sort of notice if you use a paid advertisement for content.

When it comes to where your time and energy is best spent, email marketing is the most effective marketing tactic you can have.  Make your 2020 business resolution all about creating and engaging with amazing email content and campaigns!

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