SEO Basic Tips for for Business

Jackie L.


Did you know that over 65% of people do an online search before making a purchase. That’s why SEO is an important component when creating your website design and content. Without it, there isn’t a chance for your website to show up on search engines results pages.  If you want people to be able to find your amazing business and the life changing product you have, you have to sit down to optimize.  

Sometimes, SEO can be a bit daunting for someone not familiar with how to do it.  If you are a small business needing to try a bit of optimization on your own, here are a few SEO basic tips you need to know.

Optimize for Your Target Audience

Here’s a fabulous SEO basic tip: don’t optimize for a machine.  While it’s said to optimize to show up on search engine results, we are not talking about beating that algorithm.  

Who does the searching?  Your target audience, that’s who!  Take some time to think about how they would search for your product.  What phrases or keywords are they using?  Asking yourself these questions will help you fit in the keywords and phrases that will get your website popping up on the first page of result pages based on how they word their search.

Create Your Website in the Customer’s Image

When we search for specific products and services, we already have a mental image of what we expect the website to look like.  We want to design our website to be exactly that.  Start asking yourself, “If I was a customer looking for my product/service, what would I expect the website to look like?”.  Remember, it’s not what YOU would like, it’s what the customer expects to see.

Give Them the Answers They Need

Another great SEO basic tip is your blog.  You may be writing a blog, but is it attracting customers?  Do people instantly buy from you after reading?  If not, you may need to look at what you are writing.  Your target audience has a problem and they are looking for the answer.  

That’s where you come in.  Your blog should be addressing their problems, plus providing them with the answers they are looking for.  Thus, encouraging them to purchase from you because you have the answers!

Watch Keywords on Social Media

This SEO basic tip goes along with a great social media strategy.  You want to monitor what is happening under your keywords, or hashtags.  While following hashtags, this will help you find out what your target audience is looking for, thus providing them the answers with your own content.  When you see someone presenting their problem, that’s where you can go in and give them the answer.

SEO doesn’t have to be scary.  There are so many basic tips you can use to help your website reach the right audience, so you are making sales easier and faster.  Which one of our SEO basic tips are you going to use today?

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