Repurpose Blog Content Easily with 4 Tips

Jackie L.

Making content can be challenging.  You may find yourself asking “What do I do next??  I have no ideas!”  Well, there’s a secret to content marketing…  Repurpose repurpose repurpose!  Almost 95% of marketers are already repurposing content!  Repurposing is a great way to create numerous content for various social media channels!  If you have a blog, this is a great way to look at those older entries and start creating repurposed content.

Let’s look at a few ideas to repurpose blog content.

Create New Formats

There are endless ways to repurpose blog content.  You can take your blog and create it into a podcast.  You can even create a reel, short form video, or an educational Youtube video.  You can also create carousel posts for Instagram, which are a great way to show potential followers that you have amazing information for them!

Re-Write Old Content

If you have an archive of blog content, you have lots of great articles to repurpose.  Check the analytics of your blogs and pick the ones that have the best reach, engagement, and shares.  You can update the information, especially those that are over a year old.  Maybe there’s more you can add with tips or advice that could further help your readers.

Condense Blogs with the Same Topics

If you  have several blogs with similar content, condense them into one blog post! This can be made into a list or even an infographic so all the most important information is in one amazing repurposed blog post!

Write a Follow Up Post

If you have a great blog post that did really well in analytics, write a follow up to it.  Follow up posts can contain additional information, tips or advice that would help your readers.  

Never feel like you don’t have content for your readers and customers!  There’s so many ideas we can repurpose blog content for education that spans every corner of the internet.

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