5 Unique Content Ideas for Social Media

Jackie L.


Having amazing content ideas are a huge component to our business, especially if we are online.  Depending on how often we are posting, it can lead to “What can I post about?” questions.  The creative well can sometimes feel dry, or we have lost inspiration. Content creation is no joke.  Making sure we have fun and engaging content that followers will love is a huge pressure.

If you are wondering what you could do that is interesting and out-of-the-box for your content creation, check out these great examples!

Show Them a Hack

Do you know a really great life hack that can help your followers?  Share it with them!  People are always looking for ingenious ways to make life easier.  If your product assists in the great life hack, start filming a video!  Videos are more easily digested than written content.  Most customers say that they retain around 95% of the information from a video, as opposed to other content media.

One-on-One Coaching

Are you a wiz with coding?  Do you have a successful social media managing business?  If you have a master skill, why not try advertising live 1-on-1 coaching!  We’re sure there are a few followers that would love to have a coaching session with you to learn what you do and apply it to their own business practice.  Teaching and coaching are another great way to gain authority, trust, and profits.

Run a Poll

If you’ve been watching the Stories on Instagram, you see that polls are quickly becoming a favorite for follower engagement.  This is a great content idea to get direct follower feedback on your products and services.  Use the data to make something better, or create an entirely new service if people say they are interested!  Make it fun, unique, and highly engaging.

Start a Challenge

Challenges are a wonderful content idea that helps you gain leads and followers.  Think about how you can incorporate a challenge into your brand.  You can make it however long you like, but make sure to have people use a special hashtag so that you can track and respond to what they are doing.  Engaging followers during the challenge builds confidence and trust in you as a business that cares about their success afterwards.  You can choose to conduct the challenge with images or videos!

Show Some Love to Your Followers

There’s nothing followers like more than to be noticed by the brands they love.  There are several ways to do this.  One, you can @ a follower in one of your posts.  Maybe this is a repost of something from the above challenge content or a raving review they gave.  Two, thank all your followers for how they support you.  You can thank them with a special discount, freebie or follower only flash sales!

Creating new and unique content your followers will love is the key to social media and business success.  The more you show up for them, the more likely they will trust your brand enough to make a purchase.  Let us know what content idea worked for you!

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