Keyword Searching Made Easy!

Jackie L.

When it comes to online purchases, almost 70% of those are started with an online search.  That’s why doing a keyword search for your business to rank high on search engines is the first step to successful SEO.  However, it can be really confusing when you hear “just search for keywords” and you aren’t even sure where to start.  We are here to give you a clear idea on what searching for keywords means, and how to do it effectively.

Know Your Topics

The first step to SEO is to find out what the topics of your landing pages, webpage, and social media will be.  Once you know the topics, you can more easily search for keywords that will help rank them or get them seen by the people you want as clients.  Make sure you don’t have several topics on one page as this will make it difficult to narrow your search.

Make a List of Keywords

Before we go searching the internet, sit down and think up of common sense keywords that you or your ideal client will use to find you.  Don’t get technical or use industry jargon.  Your target audience isn’t using those keywords!  Make them simple, every day keywords.  The more you can put yourself in your audiences’ shoes, the easier it will be to think up some keywords.

Check Your Keywords

Now’s the time to see how popular, or unpopular, the keywords you listed are worth it to use!  You can use a number of keyword analyzers, such as Google Keyword Tool or Semrush.  This is where you are going to refine your list.  Make sure to have a nice mixture of popular keywords and those that are slightly popular.  Using immensely popular keywords can cause your amazing content to be a drop in a vast ocean.

Check Your Competitors

Always check what your competitors are using for keywords.  Again, you want to avoid high volume keywords and get more detailed.  If you find you have a high use keyword in your list, think about replacing it with something more refined.  You can even add more keywords as your list gets chiseled down.  If you find something interesting on a competitor’s site, add it to the list.

Run it Through the Keyword Tool Again

As always, you want to run the list through your chosen keyword tool again.  It always helps to double check that the groups of keywords you have chosen are going to get you the best results!

Now that you have a plan of attack when it comes to keyword searching, let’s work on improving our SEO!  Brainstorm, analyze, check your competitors and analyze again.  Also be sure to always adapt your keywords to the change market and you’ll find success!

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