How to Effectively Use Social Media for Business

Jackie L.


Almost 70% of consumers say that social media allows them to engage with a business. So, without a doubt, you should be using social media. There are so many options for social media that it can be downright overwhelming to decide which one you should be using for business.  Once you decide on the platform, you now have to tackle the task of creating content that customers will enjoy.

Let’s look into what it takes to be successful at social media for business!

The most effective social media platforms for business

I’m sure you are here to find the answer to this so you aren’t using time to research the best one.  However, I hate to rain on your parade but it will largely depend on your target audience.  The first place to look is the age group you are looking to market to.  This will narrow down your social media platforms for business. Here’s a generalized break down of generations using social media:

Baby Boomers - Google Business Pages, Facebook

Gen X - Facebook, Instagram

Millennials - Youtube, Instagram

Gen Z - Youtube, Instagram, TikTok

However, do the research to find exactly where your target audience hangs out.

How effective is social media for business?

When you use social media for business, avoid using it like a personal account. Start thinking of it as your business card.  Social media can be the doorway for potential customers to find out more about you and your business.  This will help build their trust with your business and lead them to purchase from you.  Don’t just share products, because that will actually cause them to avoid your account.  Post your face, or your employees’, often.  Post videos, go live, or create entertaining and educational Reels or TikTok videos.  Putting a human face to the company will go much farther with customers.

How do I build a social media strategy?

This can sound like a lot but it’s rather easy to get a game plan.  Let’s look at a few steps to take to help you build an effective social media strategy.

  1. Set a goal
  2. Research your target audience
  3. Decide on your KPIs (Key Performance Indicator)
  4. Create content based on step 1-3
  5. Figure out the best times and days to post, while also keeping in mind what you are able to do.
  6. After a few months, look at the data to see what content works and what doesn’t
  7. Keep on improving and adapting!

While it takes time to curate a great social media strategy, it will end up saving time and money in the long run.

Now that you see how effective and easy it can be to run social media for a business, take the dive and start getting your message out there!

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