How to Craft the Perfect About Us Page

Jackie L.

One of the most important pages on a website is your About Us page.  It’s pretty straight forward.  It’s the place to tell your company’s story.  This is where the majority of customers go to find out if your company is worth dealing with.  But, what can you do to really make your About Us convert visitors into customers?  

Let’s look at a few tips to help create an amazing About Us Page!

#1 – How Unique Your Business is!

When you craft your About Us page, refrain from copying and pasting from other pages, or even a template.  Don’t play it safe!  Get into the story about how your business is unique from others in your industry.  What makes your company special?  How do you stand out from the crowd?  Tell customers about it!

#2 – What Problem are You Trying to Solve?

Customers have come to your website because they think you have the answer to their problems!  Tell them in your About Us page.  Go into some details about the problem you saw, how the answers available were few and far between, and how your company helps those with that problem.  Give examples of how your service or product helps customers.  Prove that you have everything they are looking for.

#3 – What was the Inspiration Behind Your Business?

Do you have an interesting tidbit about your business?  Share it in your About Us page.  Even if you don’t think it is interesting, share it anyway.  Customers like to know what was the inspiration for starting a business.  Talk about any trials, challenges, and triumphs you had that lead you to this point.  The more you talk about how much you loved starting your company, the more the customers will feel a connection and build trust with your business.

#4 – Use a Unique Headline

Everyone uses “about us”.  It’s straight forward.  But, how can you write a headline that really catches a visitor?  Unique, eye catching headlines aren’t just for blogs!  How can you rewrite “About Us” into something more interesting?  The more unique you get, the more you will entice customers to find out about your business.  Make sure not to get so unique where customers aren’t sure what they are going to read!

About Us is more than “this is the business”.  It’s how you started, what makes you stand out from the crowd, and how you help customers with their problems.  Taking time to really craft a well-thought out About Us page will help build relationships and trust with your potential customers!

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