Building Customer Trust

Jackie L.

Can your customers easily recognize your brand just by looking at your marketing materials? All businesses have a marketing style that fits their brand and is familiar to their customer base. When we hear the word “consistency”, we may think “monotonous” but being consistent builds brand loyalty and trust. Making one small change can drastically decrease the growth of your target audience and confuse them.

If you’re looking for a consistent marketing strategy that instantly makes your customers notice and recognize you, read on for our great tips on how to build one, and keep it going strong.

Use One Printer for All Marketing Materials

The first key to keeping consistent with your marketing materials is to use one printer for all your printing needs. This means that all your materials are at the same quality and avoids color variation in documents, which in the end builds trust with your customers. While it may seem cheaper to use various printers to produce different materials, you run the risk of lower quality in print and materials, thus throwing off the familiarity with your audience.

Choose the Colors That Are Right for You

A brand color scheme is just as important as the logo you choose. These colors need to represent your vision, values, and target audience. We touched on this with using color to increase traffic to your website. Whatever colors you choose, your audience will begin to associate them with your brand. Keep this color scheme throughout all mediums, such as with printed and online materials.

Use Your Name Across All Mediums

This is especially true with social media, since there are numerous outlets to tap into. If you have Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts for your business, use the same logos, images, colors, fonts, and company name. Avoid creating different account names as this will make it more challenging for your customers to discern if it is you or not.

Consistent Font Choice and Spelling

It goes without saying, spelling is the utmost importance in showing how professional and trustworthy you are. However, besides correct spelling and grammar, there are various ways to write certain words. Make sure you are consistent in writing these words the same across all platforms of marketing For example, you can write “color” two ways; “color” and “colour”. Pick one and stick with it.

Also, choose a font that compliments your brand. Use this font on all printed and online marketing areas. Customers will also associate the font with your business. For example, Disney and Coca Cola have very familiar and easily recognizable font choices.

Make a Consistent Schedule

Statista shows us that social media use grows by leaps and bounds. Within 7 years, numbers jumped 2 billion users! Whether you have an email newsletter, a blog, or Instagram, make use of the variety of social media scheduling software available. Posting consistently also builds trust with a company. This can be scheduling blog posts for once a week, an email newsletter to go out on the same day each month, or getting your Facebook posts up between the best times for customers to see them. No matter how busy you become, using a social media scheduler will ensure you post consistently at the same time, all the time.

Following simple rules such as these will guarantee steady customer base growth and trust in your brand and company. If you have further questions or need advice on the best course of action for your marketing strategy, our expert staff is available to assist you. Send us a message today!

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