Getting Creative with Your Marketing Strategy

Jackie L.

Creating a marketing strategy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  It can be hard for a small business, with 1-3 employees, to handle the giant job of marketing.  Without marketing, no one is going to know about your business, products, or how you can serve customers.  Marketing is your business’ voice.  It tells potential customers about you.

If your marketing strategy is feeling a bit stale, let’s take a look at some creative ideas to light it back up!

Comment on Other Niche Blogs & Social Media

Can I comment on another business’ blog? Yes!  This is such a great idea.  You are not there to poach their customers.  You are there to give your expertise without sounding like a sales pitch.  Join their conversation!  This is one of the ways you can easily be seen by others, drawing traffic to your website and social media.

Pro tip:  Don’t use your business name in your comments.  Use your own name so you start building that connection between you and the customer, and not just with a face-less business.

Join Forces with Others

You may be wondering how you can collaborate with others in your industry.  There are many ideas!  First, find others that are in your industry but aren’t a direct competitor.  It will be someone you can mutually benefit from.  Make a list of possible ways you can collaborate together, such as a webinar, workshop, a monthly live, or interview each other on your Instagram or podcast.

Always cross promote each other and share some of their content with your audience.

Join Facebook Groups

Joining Facebook groups in your industry is a must to get yourself seen.  It can be a great B2B networking opportunity.  Other ways joining and engaging with a Facebook group can help you build relationships with customers and become a hub of support for those who love what you are doing.  The main point is to be active in this community.  If you don’t engage, don’t expect anything to happen.

Go Crazy with Content

Look at what your content strategy is and see where you can incorporate some exciting, new takes on old ideas.  You can create weekly emails for your customers with content specifically for them. Around 45% of businesses send one email per week to their subscribers.  Advertise this on your social media.  You can also film videos on current projects or updates on how things are going on them.  You can create an interesting how-to series for your blog that fits your niche.

Marketing doesn’t need to be a difficult challenge to overcome.  There are many non-sales sounding ways to market to your target audience and show you are an authority in your industry.  Which one are you going to try?

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