Building Stronger Customer Relationships

Jackie L.


Building customer relationships is a guaranteed way to maintain the health of any business.  If customers love you and your company, they are going to let others know.  We want your customers to fall in love with you and your brand.  If you are looking for ways to make your customer relationships stronger than ever, check out some of our tips to grow, and show, the love.

Know Your Customers’ Beliefs and Values

Like any relationship, you need to understand what makes your customers who they are.  When we are with those who have similar beliefs and core values, this creates a sense of community and safety. This is where knowing their main beliefs and values will help you in making content that aligns with those, thus encouraging them to feel more inclined to share it on their social media platform.  Your customers want to portray who they are on social media, so be the brand that allows them to do so.

Bare Your Soul

It’s important for customers to know that you and your company are reliable, honest, and trustworthy.  Be transparent and show your love to your customers often.  The more personal you get with your audience, the more they are willing to continue to engage with your brand.  A great way to show this would be to write content you believe in and love to talk to about.

You can also use tools like BrandWatch to see what your customers think of your brand.  This will help guide you in creating wearing-my-heart-on-my-sleeve content that speaks to your audience.

Get Emotional

Getting emotions involved with your marketing strategy can really be a determining factor in whether a customer purchases from you or not.  Not sure what emotions to play to?  This comes with knowing your customers and the 6 types of emotions that come into play when they are deciding on whether to buy or not.  Research your customer and target audience and see what emotion seems to stick out in their buying decisions; Greed, Fear, Altruism, Envy, Pride, or Shame.

Focus on the Customer Service Experience

How good or bad the customer service experience is a huge factor in whether or not customers will fall in love with your product.  If you have an amazing product, but your customers complain about your customer service, it’s time to revamp it ASAP.  The faster you respond to complaints, and the more you show you care to make it right, will win customers over hands down.  While you may have a negative reaction to a seething complaint, breath and take it in stride.  Win that customer over and they will be yours for life.

Now, Go and Win Their Hearts!

Now you have some tools to work on your customer relationships, make them stronger, and guarantee they will be coming back for more.  Loyal customers will lead to more profits than constantly fishing for new, potential customers.  Make content that aligns with their values, emotionally connects with them, and give them a customer service experience they’ll never forget.

Do you have an amazing way to win customers’ hearts over?  Share it with us below!

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