5 Ways to Easily Grow Your Email List

Jackie L.


You have that email newsletter but no list to send it to.  Now what?  We’ve mentioned before that how important it is to grow your list organically, which means no shady side ways to growing it.  Now, it’s time to get some ideas to grow that list throughout all your channels!  

Check out these easy and fun ways to grow your email list now!

Create Email Only Content

You have content for each of your channels.  But if you want to get people to opt-in to your email list, provide something they can only get through email.  Make sure it’s entertaining, fun, and wildly unique to keep them looking forward to more.  Encourage them to get their friends to sign up so they can also benefit from your amazing content!

Give Them a Free Treat

If people are giving you their most valuable communication tool, maybe throw a treat their way.  People love free stuff, so there is an endless list of content and valuable tools that they will love from you.  This can be a free class, an ebook, a guide, or a resource that will make their lives easier.  Really create something special that will entice interested people to become subscribers to your email list.

Get Them to Go to Your Social Media

If you want them to be more engaging on your social media, promote your platforms in your email with a CTA that takes them there.  This is a good time to introduce a social media challenge.  Have new subscribers sign up to your email to get the social media challenge instructions.  You can also promote the freebie you have available through email on your social media platforms to get more people to opt-in.

Promote Your Email Newsletter on Youtube

Do you have a Youtube channel?  Why not promote your email newsletter or special freebie in the outro of your videos?  If viewers love your content there, make sure to let them know you have something more for them to get from you.  Youtube has an option for you to set up outros with links and more to encourage watchers to join your email list.

Ask Customers to Give Feedback

Getting feedback not only helps you create an even better customer experience, but it is also an ingenious way to collect emails.  Have a feedback form on your website to encourage viewers and customers to give it.  You may be thinking, “But I may get negative feedback…”  and that’s OK!  Over 70% of customers say a good customer experience influences their purchase.  Even with negative feedback, you can reach out to them and make the situation right, which leads to a better customer experience!

There are so many creative ways to organically grow your email list.  The more valuable content you put into your emails, the easier it will be to get interested subscribers reading and taking action on your content.  

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