4 Ways to Better Client Relationships

Jackie L.


Do you want to increase the number of clients for your business?  Then you want to make sure you are doing everything to nurture your client relationships.  Over 85% of consumers will cut off a company because of their poor client relations.  That’s why it’s so important that you know how to keep the client relationship going, and going good.  Just like any relationship, it’s one you will have to work hard at to make it last.

But, don’t fear!  We have a few tips to help make those client relationships great and long-lasting.

Anticipate Your Client’s Needs

Communication is absolutely key in any successful personal and business relationship. Take the initiative when approaching your client about the next steps for a project.  Clients will fee like you really care about them and the goals they set for their business.  It also shows that you aren’t sitting around waiting for them to give you instructions.  

You also want to respond to emails in a timely manner.  Think about when you message someone and they don’t answer you for several days.  Doesn’t feel very good, right?  So, don’t do that to your client’s either.  Keep your client’s in the know and they won’t have to take the extra step of chasing you down.  

Sometimes They Don’t Know What They Need

As a business with a service or product, you are providing a solution for your clients’ pain points.  Believe it or not, sometimes they don’t know what their pain points are!  That is where you come in.  As someone who is there to help them, you may be able to see the area they need help in more clearly than they do.  If you come at them with a strategy for something they didn’t know would greatly help them, they will love you more for it!

Make It Personal

With the world of digital, phone calls have somehow fallen to the wayside.  Email rules the business world and we tend to use it to communicate.  Sometimes, it’s just best to give your client a call.  Phone calls can actually help speed up the process with a goal, and you can get answers more quickly than with email.  

Be Honest

As with any relationship, being honest builds it up.  Of course, we hate it when we make mistakes, but we are human!  Sometimes, things don’t go well, or maybe it was forgotten.  Be honest with your client about the outcomes.  Honesty shows you have their best interests at heart.  The more transparent you are, the more they will trust you with their business goals.  

All relationships are hard work, no matter how well two people click together.  Maintaining current client relationships is much more cost effective than consistently getting and losing new clients, so make sure you are honest, proactive, and show them that you have their back.

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