4 Awesome Tips to Improve Blog SEO

Jackie L.

Are you frustrated with your blog not ranking well on Google?  It could be your blog’s SEO.  When you don’t optimize your blog, it will rank low on Google search.  That means that your target audience isn’t even seeing it!  And, we want them to find our blog so they can have the answers to their problems.

If you are looking to optimize your blog with SEO, here are a few tips to help you out!

Use Your Main Keyword in the Headline

In your keyword group, you should have at least one that is your main keyword.  Make sure to use this main keyword in your blog title or headline.  That way, Google will know that your blog is relevant to your target audience’s search.  If you are not sure what your main keyword is, look at what you are writing about and pick a main keyword out of that.

Shorten The URL

When you use a long URL or one that has an undesirable word in it, such as “subscribe”, you want to look at shortening the URL.  Shortening it not only makes it more enticing to your target audience, but it also doesn’t look spammy.  If you are able to create a unique URL, use the keyword in the URL slug.  If not, there are many websites, like bitly.com, that can give you a shortened URL for your use.

Link to Internal Posts

When you write a blog, it’s best to link to another blog post you have written that is relevant to the topic you are talking about.  When you add internal links, it keeps visitors on your webpage or blog.  Make sure to use at least one internal link that readers can click on to continue reading and learning more about what you have to teach them.

Watch Your Word Count

Word count will signal to Google how valuable your blog is (along with keywords and topic relevance).  The average amount of words per blog is around 2,000 words!  Now, this is an average and you will tailor this to your target audience.  If your target audience doesn’t have time to read and wants something short and sweet, then keep it around 500.  Or, if they love research and lengthen details, then go for the long blog posts!  No matter how long or short your blog post is, make sure it is filled with valuable content!

A blog with great SEO is going to rank higher on Google search results and get more visitors to your blog.  Apply these tips to your next blog, and compare the results with your older ones.  Once you have the momentum and right formula, keep it going with every blog post!

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