4 Achievable Ways to Improve Your Blog’s SEO

Jackie L.


We have talked about how your website needs to be optimized so that search engines can rank and categorize it.  The same is true for your blog.  If you have a stand alone blog that is lacking SEO, you can expect it to have a dismal performance on search engines.  Optimizing blogs helps search engines, like Google, find your website and rank it high for potential customers looking for an answer to their problem.

Have you, unintentionally, let your blog go rogue on search engines?  No need to panic!  Here are a few helpful tips to increase your visibility on search engines.

Know Your Target Audience

Does this sound familiar?  We cannot stress enough how knowing your target audience can make having an online business so much easier.  If your target audience is all over the place or you haven’t sat down to research what are the hard questions they are asking, then it’s time to do that now.  If you know your target audience and the problems they have, you can easily create blog content that answers their questions.  

Attention Grabbing Titles

People won’t know to read your amazing blog if the title is hoo-hum.  Write a title that grabs them.  An attention grabbing title has a fine mix of words that create power and emotion, plus some common and uncommon word usage.  Let’s look at our own blog title here:

“4 Achievable Ways to Improve Your Blog’s SEO”

Using Headlines at Coscheduling, you can rate how high your headline scores.  We got a score of 78, which means we used the right amount of words to get an attention grabbing headline. 

Another tip is to use between 6-13 words in a title, which is the golden formula to attracting visitors to your blog.

Link Your Other Blog Posts

If you have a select few topics that your target audience has questions to, you should be able to connect your current blog content to something you already created.  Internal linking is a great way to improve your SEO.  This tells search engines that your content has relevance to what your target audience is seeking, thus raising your rank on search pages.

Have Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is something that is always relevant, much like evergreen trees are always green.  This type of content will never go out of style because your target audience is always needing answers to these questions.  The more evergreen content you create, the better it will help with blogging SEO.  Aim for having a large percentage of your content being evergreen content.  That way, you can guarantee a constant and consistent stream of traffic coming in.

These tips are easy and quick to implement on your blog today.  Use one or all the tips to help your blog content rank higher on search engines and draw in traffic steadily.  The more you build trust and authority with your content, the more success you’ll find with your business online.

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