Amazing SEO Tips for Your Blog

Jackie L.


We hope you are getting into blogging again this year!  Making sure you have the right topics for your blog is a defining part of whether it attracts traffic, or worse, repels it.  A great step in ensuring your blog ranks high on Google is to make sure it is optimized.  Just like with a website, SEO is important for blogs.  Proper SEO for blogs can help you attract potential buyers by 14.6%.

If you are finding that your blog is not attracting high volumes of traffic, check out some of these tips to get started with SEO!

Start with Your Keywords

Finding the right keywords for your blog post is essential in search engines, like Google, finding you.  You can do a quick keyword search with tools like Google Keyword Planner.  Here you can enter a keyword you would like to use and see other keywords similar to it, how well it performs, and how competitive it is.  From here, you can start creating a list of keywords.

Write About Hot Topics

One of the best topics is one that is currently trending in your industry. There are several ways to find hot topics for your blog.  You can try Buzzsumo.  Type in a keyword and find all the latest blog posts.  Another website to check is Quora. This is a popular question/answer website.  Here you can find questions that relate to something you can write about.  After writing your blog, post your answer to their question!

Perfect Your Keywords and Phrases

Now that you have your keyword list, it’s time to clean it up.  Look at your blog post and make sure your keywords really fit well with your content.  If something sounds strange, take it out.  To better reach your target audience, sign up for forums or Facebook groups they usually use.  Use the exact language they do, as they will use this to search for blog posts in search engines.  Your blog is about giving them the answers to their problems.  Forums and groups are also a great place to better know what your target audience needs.

Optimize Other Areas

If you have images, videos, or other media that is graphic, use the best file type when working on SEO.  Large images can dramatically slow loading times, thus drive traffic away!  Create amazing and unique graphics with tools like Canva.  Make sure your heading is attractive for visitors.  You want your link to be clickable but not clickbait.


Remember, just writing a blog doesn’t mean people will find it.  You have to go out and promote your new post!  Marketing is a large chunk of blogging.  Post your blog in Facebook groups.  Share it on your social media platforms.  If you mention websites or experts, reach out to them and share your blog.  Engage in your industry community and your audience’s community.

When working on your blog’s SEO, there are many factors to look into. A successful blog has great SEO that is consistently tweaked.  So, find the right keywords, create your content, and start promoting your amazing blog posts!

Do you find you need some help with optimizing your blog for search engines?  Send us a message today!

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