3 Things to Consider for Your Website Design

Jackie L.


Did you know that over 50% of customers believe a website is crucial for a business? It’s so important to have an online presence with a unique website.  A website is your calling card.  It’s the first thing people see when they meet your company.  We want to have an amazingly designed website that they will love to use and shop at.

But before you get down to the nitty gritty of designing your website, here are 3 things you will need to ask yourself.

What is the Purpose?

Designing a website just for the sake of having a website isn’t going to cut it.  You need to think about WHY you are making this website.  Your website should be helping the visitors, not hindering them.  Once you know why you are making the website, it will be easier for you to design with the customer in mind.  You can add everything your customers are going to need to make the experience as easy and smooth as possible.  

Also, knowing who your target audience is and how they shop will help you choose the most useful and helpful items for your website design.  Start with a buyer persona that builds in options that they would most likely want to use on your website.

Don’t Choose THAT Name!

Think about your target audience.  You can even think about yourself for this one.  What is your favorite website?  What is the URL?  Can you easily recall it without looking on Google?

Your domain name needs to be easy for customers to remember.  You want them to be able to enter it without a Google search.  Leave out the crazy symbols and unique spellings.  Keep it simple.  This is one thing you can’t name randomly to change later.  It will take quite a bit of time and energy to get it re-named.  So, take some time to make a URL that people will remember.

An easy one is to use your business name.  Take our business name, “Web Theory Designs”.  The url is the name of the business.  If people can remember our business name, they can remember our website address, too.

Think About Content

Now you are ready to plan the content that will help your visitors.  What are some of the things you want to show them?  Keep the menu easy to use, and a no brainer to find the drop down menus.  Group things in similar categories.  The most important ones could be Home, Shop, Blog, and Contact.  The simpler it is to use, the more likely potential customers will become loyal customers.

Keep content simple and short.  The longer the text, the less likely they will stay on your website.  They came to your website because you have the solution to their problem.  Make sure they know right away and can find it easily when they arrive.

Now you have the tools to help you create the perfect website that will educate your visitors and help them become loyal customers!  Also, keep the customer in mind when designing anything on your website.  Make it user-friendly and simple.  Their experience is key to your success in business!

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