Creating a Buyer Persona: Important Questions to Ask!

Jackie L.


If your business sells a product, you should know who your demographic is.  This is called a Buyer Persona.  It is a combination of information that helps you create a slightly fictional customer.  This helps you create more effective content, know what your target audience wants most from you, and be a better and smarter business owner.

Creating a buyer persona can take a considerable amount of time.  Why?  Because you need to know exactly who is purchasing from you!  According to Hubspot blogs, buyer personas made a website 2-5 times easier to use by a target audience.

If you are starting out on creating buyer personas for your business, or are looking to tweak your own, ask yourself some of these questions.

What is My Customers’ Daily Life like?

When creating a buyer persona, you want to think about what their daily routine is like.  Are they stressed out most of the time?  Do they have a lot of down time?  Are they struggling to get through their routine each day?  Are they super organized or a complete mess?

Once you can answer these questions, you will be able to create content aimed at helping them in their everyday life.  Your marketing strategy will be more effective at promoting that you have the answer to their problems.  It will also help you create the best avenue for them to contact you or find your products.

Do I have Solutions for Negative outcomes?

Even with a well thought out buyer persona, there will be some who aren’t receptive to how you reach them.  In case of negative outcomes, what are some solutions this persona might be open to?  If your potential customer doesn’t sign up or finish checkout, create some scenarios where your buyer persona can be persuaded to do so.

What Do They Expect from Me?

This is something you really need to include.  When that customer is hooked, what is their expectation of you and your business?  Your buyer personas will have the solutions.  It could be amazing customer service, free shipping and returns, loyalty programs, and so on.  Once you have carefully researched your demographic, you will know exactly what they want from you.

What is Your Buyer Persona’s story?

No persona is complete without the story.  Just as everyone has their own personal story of their trials and tribulations, grievances and celebrations, your buyer personas have to include this.  It is the key ingredient to making this persona seem more human and easily relatable to you and your staff.  Making the persona feel more like a person, helps you keep from making your actual customers just a number.  

As you can see, Buyer Personas are an integral part in your business strategy.  It can help you be a better business owner and give your customer the best experience possible.  Thus, creating long lasting relationships with customers who purchase from you again and again.

Do you have any tips for creating Buyer Personas?  Let us know in the comments below!

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