3 Reasons Your Website Design Matters

Jackie L.


Your website is the face of your company online.  If your website isn’t designed properly or isn’t optimized so you appear on search engines, the traffic will never come. We may put a lot of effort into our websites without small important steps to really get visitors to it, and have them convert into loyal, repeat customers.

If you find that you are having trouble getting an audience to your website, or conversion rates are low, check out these 3 reasons why your website design matters.

It Shows Potential Customers How Much You Value Them

Did you know that your website design can tell the customer how much you will care about them?  If your website design is lazily put together without rhyme or reason, your customers’ won’t even bother.  Even the colors, wording, or how complicated the website is set up can greatly affect their decision to purchase from you.  

Make sure you have a thoughtful design that has the customer in mind.  Use colors, images, and wording that tells the customer your mission and how dedicated you are to their experience with your company.  After that, make using the website easy and pain-free.

Your Website is Their First Impression of You

We’ve all heard this saying that first impressions are everything.  Almost 95% of first impressions of your company are from the website alone.  They aren’t meeting you face-to-face.  They are meeting your website, which is the face of your online presence.  You want to wow them, make them feel cared about, and enjoy the experience of purchasing from you.  Above all, it’s vital to keep the customer in mind when designing your website.  Make everything easy to use, utilize negative space, and have a consistent, cohesive design throughout.

It Helps Your Ranking on Search Engines

If you want to be found high on the list of search engine result pages, you need to have a fully optimized website.  Optimization means using the right keywords, making sure your images are quickly loading, and that there is valuable content for potential customers, and loyal customers, to enjoy.  

Once you optimize your website, don’t think it’s one and done.  You will need to go back to revamp areas to make sure it’s up to date with search engine updates.  Therefore, you will need to periodically check your website analytics to make any changes quickly so issues don’t snowball into unmanageable problems.

Inspire customers to purchase from you with a fully optimized, thoughtfully designed, and easy-to-use website.  It will also encourage them to linger and come back again and again.  Our companies need to keep the customer in mind throughout the whole process of the purchase.  The more you put them in forefront of your decisions, the more success you’ll have with your business!

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