Website Design: The Key to Customer Conversion

Jackie L.


Our business website is usually the first thing that customers will happen upon.  Almost 100% of  customers go to the internet to find information about a local business.  Depending on how well your website is designed will determine whether or not the customer will actually stay on your website.  That’s why it’s so important to have the right design, which will lead to more customer conversions.  Have the wrong design and you will see stagnant or decreasing profits and potential customer conversion.

Want to avoid losing customers right off the bat?  Check out these mistakes and how you can fix them!

Avoid the Clutter

If there’s one thing potential customers hate is a website that makes it difficult to find what they are looking for.  We may think unique and abstract website design may attract a customer, but it actually drives them away.  Potential customers want to find out what they are looking for in under 10 seconds.  If they can’t navigate your website easily and find the design an eye sore, they will leave and never come back.

How can I fix this? First, you want to choose no more than 2-3 colors for your website; One main and two eye catching accents.  Make sure there is negative space between the elements of your website.  This makes it easier to take information in.  The design should be simple and clean.  Abstract belongs on the canvas, not for website design.

Avoid Long-Winded Content

Like we’ve mentioned above, today’s customer does not have the time to devote to long pieces of content.  Take recipe websites for example.  Have you noticed that when you find a recipe, you are met with the longest blog you’ve ever read?  This causes you to scroll down to find the recipe.  While this has become the norm (SEO wise) for recipe websites, think about how frustrating it is.  Avoid having long-winded content that will make customers run for the hills and into your competitor’s arms.  

How can I fix this?  Keep content scannable.  What does this mean?  When you write content for your website, test it to make sure a customer can get the information they need just by doing a quick scan.  If your content fails this, rewrite it.  This can be using fewer words or highlighting topics for each paragraph by using bold, italics, or different font colors to draw the customer’s eye right to where they need to go.

Don’t Make It a Treasure Hunt

We’ll say it again…  Customers just don’t have time to search for what they need answers to.  They want them right now and on the first try.  If your website is lacking a search function, your customer conversion rate is taking a huge hit.  When potential customers come to your website, they want to find what they need ASAP.  Making them search through your website will not encourage them to purchase from you.

How can I fix this?  Easy!  Add a search function to your website design.  Not only does this help the customer save time from having to look around your website, but it will most likely convert them to a paying customer.  The second thing is to make this search function easily seen.  You can add this to the main navigation or in the top corner of a website.

Customers love a website that has a clean and simple design that helps them find the information they need quickly.  We want to show the customers that we are the company that has the answers to their problems.  So, make sure your website design is primed for amazing customer conversion!

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