Why You Should Be Utilizing Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Jackie L.

Before the internet and social media, word of mouth was the best way to attract potential customers and gain their trust, all by giving great service to existing customers. We have talked a lot about encouraging your existing audience to bring along their friends with campaigns and coupons, but your marketing strategy should also include this tried-and-true method of advertising.

The most trustworthy advertising is a current happy customer talking up your product with their friends and family. These potential customers will value this recommendation even more than great reviews alone by strangers. Have a look at some of the reasons why your business should be utilizing word-of-mouth marketing.

The Stats Don't Lie

Nielson conducted a survey about the top three sources that potential customers rely on and trust when making a decision. Ninety-two percent of potential customers will believe a recommendation from a friend or family member, with other reviews and blogs about the business coming in second and third.

With almost 100% of these future consumers purchasing products or services by word of mouth, you can't deny the power of this type of marketing.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Word-of-mouth can take some time to get going. However, once that snowball is rolling down the hill, the effects are amazing. With excellent customer service and having a product that you really believe in and value, will cause customers to start talking about you, giving you rave reviews to friends, and having potential customers flooding your gates.

Once you have a strong momentum going, the profits will allow you to hire more staff, increase wages, and spend more money on other important areas in your business. It will have you soaring beyond your competitors.

Influence Is Everything

No matter how many blog reviews or research that brings up a potential purchase by a customer, if their friend tells them the product was actually disappointing or the customer service that was provided was lacking, this can instantly cause all that research to go down the drain.

Customer service is paramount. No matter how amazing your product is, a horrible customer experience will most likely be shared with others. Avoid this negative word-of-mouth by giving the utmost care to resolving customer issues with impeccable service.

Spend Your Money Wisely

Word-of-Mouth marketing can increase sales 2 times more than paid advertising methods. This type of marketing is especially important in a diverse market, such as beauty care. Try to avoid the mindset that the more you spend equals more sales.

Number One Every Step of the Way

The path from the first encounter with a product to the decision to purchase has word-of-mouth dominating the entire way. This type of marketing is a powerful influence that can push a purchase or stop it dead in its tracks at every step. Knowing a trusted friend's experience or opinion is a huge driving force of influence for customers.

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