Website Design: What NOT to Do!

Jackie L.


A business’ success can be determined by how well their website is planned out.  Before making a purchase, customers will browse the internet to find the best deal.  When they find your website, you want to hook them instantly.  Almost 95% of a customer’s first impression of your business is all related to how well your website is designed.  That just goes to show how important it is that your website design helps your business, not hinder it.

We’re going to show you what not to do when you create your website, and how to fix it if you have made one of these mistakes!

Don’t Make Them Wait

Playing hard to get is not a great way to catch a potential customer.  The loading time of your website plays a huge role in a customer’s purchase decision.  No one wants to wait for a website to load.  This is a recipe for disaster if your page is not loading in less than 3 seconds.  Customers do not have time, and we need to grab them almost instantly.

How to Fix It?  Test your website design!  Make sure you have the most optimized images for faster loading times.  Take out any clutter you have on your website.  Make it simple and clean, so customers can go where they need to quickly.

Don’t Overuse Stock Photos

Images are one of the best ways to visually engage with customers.  People want to connect with you on an emotional and personal level.  Using images with people can increase conversion rates drastically and get customers to engage with you.  However, stock images can look incredibly staged and cause the customer to leave your website.  

How to Fix it?  Take as many real photos as you can.  You don’t need a professional studio or camera to create amazing photos by yourself.  All you need is your smartphone and a few apps, like Lightroom, to create amazing, professional grade images for your website.

This isn’t a Hollywood Movie

There is nothing more annoying to visitors than music embedded in a website design.  In a movie, music helps set the tone, but not for a website.  Not only does it massively slow down your website loading time, but it can surprise visitors who forgot to adjust their speakers, or annoy those who can’t find where it is coming from.  Leave the music for your home and the movies.

How to Fix it?  Instead of music, let your design tell the story.  Utilize optimized images, colors, and the message your business has to encourage the customer to purchase from you.  Music is great for other times, just not for a website.

As you can see, there are many ways our website may unintentionally be driving business away.  However, these mistakes are easily fixed with a little elbow grease.  Keep testing your website design, and you’ll have something visitors will love!

Are you looking for a Texas website design company?  Contact us today!  We are happy to help you.

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