Website Design Terms Everyone Should Know

Jackie L.


Many small business owners and budding entrepreneurs will wear many hats; marketing, photographer, and web designer.  We talked about some of the things you need to know if you are creating a website on your own in a previous article.  Now, it’s time to learn some important terms you need to know as a website designer.  These terms are a must know, whether you are a DIY designer or are looking to hire someone to design for you.

Above the Fold

This term is not only used for website design, but also for newspapers.  With newspapers, important information is visible even though the newspaper is folded in half.  While we can’t fold a website, this applies to important information being visible without scrolling down to see more.  Think of having all your information within the browser specs.  Your design could benefit from an “above the fold” element.

Customer Personas

This is a term you will hear often as you research your target audience.  A customer persona is a fictitious profile of your target audience.  These are the people who are most likely to visit your website, and become a loyal customer.  It can include basic demographics, their shopping tendencies, and what is the problem they have that you can solve with your product.

You can check out great customer persona templates at Usertesting.

Infinite Scrolling

This term is pretty straight forward and is the opposite of a website design with all information “Above the Fold”.  Infinite scrolling loads content as the visitor scrolls down through your website.  Infinite scrolling is used on social media platforms.  It works really well for these kinds of websites, but take extra care when applying it to your own business website.  The good thing about infinite scrolling is the elimination of having a set menu at the top of your website.  The downside is the website could take too much time to load the information, causing you to lose your potential customers.

Responsive Design

A responsive website design is one that is completely user friendly.  Making sure you take the time to test your website for responsiveness will determine how many visitors become loyal customers.  Responsive design includes images that are high resolution but load quickly, proper dimensions for all browsers and devices, and fast loading times.

An good example of great responsive design would be Google.  Check out how no matter what device you use, it always fits within the screen dimensions.


SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics.  Search Micro Services states that SVG images can be coded to fit all screens and be in any resolution.  Creating SVG images can be a great way to speed up your website loading time, as opposed to quick loading JPG and GIF images.

These are just a few of the many terms that can help you create the best website possible for your business.  If you find you are needing a bit of assistance in getting the website you want, send us a message today!

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