Using Social Proof on Your Ecommerce Store

Jackie L.


Social proof is a great way for you to entice customers to 100% decide on doing business with you.  Social proof shows potential customers that your current client base is happily satisfied.

But, what is Social Proof?

Proof defines social proof as a phenomenon that our purchasing decisions can be influenced by other people, whether they be in person or online.  Social proof can be both positive and negative.  So, posting or sharing happy customer reviews is a guaranteed way to increase your conversion rates.  Your marketing strategy should definitely include this vital tactic.

Let’s dive into several ways you can utilize social proof for your budding Ecommerce Store.

Display Seals, Certifications, and Badges

All three of these displays show customers they can trust you and your store.  Every industry has special certifications and badges.  You can obtain these through webinars, classes, or signing up for an organization.  The more certifications and badges, the better your conversion rates get.  It shows that you know your product and the industry you operate in.

Trust seals are great for when customers are checking out.  There’s a lot of issues with hacking and distribution of sensitive customer data.  When buying online, knowing that their confidential information is kept under the highest security possible puts them at ease.  If they can trust you with that, they are more likely to make a purchase from your ecommerce store.

Tell a Story

Do you have a customer that has a great story about how your product helped them?  Share it!  Potential customers can more easily connect with someone telling a story than by pure statistical data alone.  People can put themselves in the story, and make a deeper connection.  Even if you don’t have a story from a customer, use one about yourself and your product.  Not only does this put a face to your company, but it shows there’s someone customers can trust and relate to.

Show Those Best Sellers

You’re going to have a lot of potential customers on the fence about whether to purchase a product.  If you have a best selling item, display it for all to see.  Visitors are more likely to purchase something that is a top seller than one that has very little reviews.  If you have a product highlight area on your ecommerce store, this is the best place to show your top selling products.

Display Customer Reviews and Testimonials

We think the very best of all social proof is showing current customer reviews and testimonials.  Think about when you go shopping online yourself.  The first thing we look at is the customer reviews.  Have your customer reviews in an obvious place.  Potential customers will trust your customer base to steer them in the right purchasing direction.  Even if you have a not-so-stellar review, it’s a great place to show how amazing your customer service is!

By now, you should have a great idea about the best social proof to use for your Ecommerce business.  Try a few out on your website and see which works best for increasing conversion rates and profits.  If you find yourself a little lost on what to use and how, send us a message!  Our experts are always happy to help.

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