Simple Rules for a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Jackie L.

Content marketing is fast becoming the easiest and surest way to turn visitors into loyal customers. This type of marketing is all about creating meaningful and free content for anyone to access. Making sure you have a winning strategy for readers to become followers is the bread and butter of most businesses, especially those with an online presence. Knowing your customers’ needs is half the battle to creating content that will show you are the one who can help them meet those needs. If you notice that your content marketing plan is not performing as best as you would like it to be, take a look at some of the rules below that can help you identify any issues and get you back on the fast track to marketing success.

It's All About Quality

We have all heard the saying that “Less is More”, and it is no different when it comes to content marketing. Make sure you are taking the time to generate high quality content that your readers are going to comment on and even share on their own social media platforms. It has been shown businesses that post content several times a day, everyday, find that less of their readers are clicking through to learn more about them. Potential customers prefer to not be bombarded with content, as it is more likely to drive them away. Quality definitely wins out over quantity. Research the best time to post your quality content so that it is sure to reach the eyes of your target audience.

Ask Your Readers

Along with your quality content, there should be an engaging open-ended question. Getting your readers involved with your products and services can be done but asking them a question where they can provide their own experiences, rather than a simple “yes” or “no” answer. This gives you great insight into who your audience is, and they will appreciate it even more when you become involved in the discussion you created.

Explore the Wonderful World of Multiple Formats

While written posts, images, or videos are some of the popular formats you can use for content marketing, spread your creative wings and venture into other ways to get your content out there. Infographics, quizzes, live streams, and podcasts are some of the interesting ways to get your name out there and have your audience engaged with you.

Be Relatable

Content Marketing is a great tool for showing how relatable you are to your audience. You have real, live people behind your brand (including yourself), so show your audience how you are just like them. Share the experiences that have led you to creating your product or spotlight staff members and customer voices. By taking the time to interact with your audience on social media, it shows you are not just a business looking for their money but a person with the same values as them.

Creating Trust

Creating a lasting and trusting relationship with your customers is absolutely key to a business’ success. There are many ways you can build this trust, such as having a highly trusted industry name share your content, or have them create a guest piece for your social media. Being transparent and honest about how you run your business is another great way to build trust with your growing audience. Show genuine interest in your customers by being polite, listening to their issues or needs, and responding appropriately.

By applying these simple rules to your content marketing strategy, you are sure to bring your marketing expertise to the next level and grow your customer base by leaps and bounds. Should you have further questions, our expert staff is here waiting to help you.

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