Out-of-the-Box Social Media Strategies

Jackie L.


We all know how influential it is to have social media accounts for your business.  All generations, from Baby Boomers to Gen Z, are interacting and shopping on social media.  In other words, it's imperative that we create meaningful and share worthy content.  If you find that your social media marketing and content strategy is becoming a bit stale, check out some of these inventive ways to reconnect with your audience.

Live Video

A large number of social media users are preferring live videos to plain old blog articles.  Why the switch?  Blog articles should be the meat and potatoes of your content strategy.  However, live video allows your customers to actually see who you are.  By seeing your face and hearing your voice, they will feel closer to you.  This is great when building trust with your customers.  Customers are not interested in dealing with a business hiding behind a website.  Get up close and personal with live video!

Pinterest and Linkedin

These are some of the less popular social platforms for businesses.  If you take a look at the list complied at Buffer, Linkedin comes in at number 15 and Pinterest at 16, along with many other social media platforms.  Try utilizing these underdogs of social media.  You can reach even more audiences.

Connect Locally and Get Personal

Customer want to support local businesses.  This trend continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  Local businesses are more personal and transparent.  Connect with your local community and share the experiences of your local customers.  By advertising and creating visibility for your business on social media, you are bringing together and building a community.  There's nothing like being popular in your own neighborhood.

Speak to the Gen Z Crowd

When it comes to the platforms you use, knowing which generation your target audience falls into is vital.  However, Gen Z is the up and coming consumer group.  As a result, the majority of them even influence their parents' buying decisions.  Now that's power!  According to Social Media Week, they are the generation with the highest expectations when it comes to brands.  This means if your social media strategy is not updated, you could easily lose this influential group of people.

Try Social Listening

Social listening is a great way to find our what your customers are saying about your brand or company.  This can take some time as you watch for mentions of your company and see what is being said.  Knowing what is being said about you and your company allows you to make adjustments to your content and marketing strategies.

By now, you have some pretty good out of the box ideas to take your social media strategy into new and exciting directions!  By keeping up with the keeping content new and fresh, you guarantee a high customer conversion rate.  What unique trend have you seen recently on social media?  Let us know in the comments below!

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