Local SEO: Organically Increase Your Search Engine Rankings

Jackie L.


If you are a local business, it's time to check out your local SEO.  Over 90% of customers find out about a local business online.  This proves the importance of making sure your SEO is also geared to local customers.  There are many ways to help customers find your business online.  These tips are so simple, you can get started today!

Search Engine Business Pages

Google My Business is so important for local searches.  If someone searches "website designers near me", your business is going to pop up.  It's very easy to claim your business on Google and set up a page for customers to learn more about your company.  Make sure to choose a few key categories your business falls under.  The less you use, the more likely potential customers will see your page.

No Google Business page is complete without a few photos.  This helps customers know that you are a legit company to be trusted.

While Google is the most popular search engine out there, don't forget other search engines that also bring up your business.  Bing has business pages, too. Be sure to go over there and claim your page, just as you would do with Google.

Review Websites

Your business can also be found on review sites, like Yelp.  Reviews are one of the best ways for customers to determine if you are worth purchasing from.  Head on over and claim your business.  Add some photos, your contact details, and start engaging with people who have left a review.  It doesn't matter if the reviews are positive or negative, respond to them.  Potential customers will see how good your customer service is.  Especially how you handle negative reviews.

Create Local Content

Create content specifically for your local base.  This can be events you will be present at, local charities you work with, or talking about other local businesses in your area.  Make sure that it is relevant to your location.  This is a great opportunity to use your keywords and location to help with local SEO.

Optimize for Local Audiences

You may have some generalized keywords for your SEO.  Always optimize for your location.  For example, don't just use "website designers", optimize it with "website designers Houston".  Potential local customers are always going to use location names in their searches.

Increase Your Inbound Links

Inbound links help your company look more trustworthy.  You can increase your inbound links easily by reviewing products within your industry, commenting on others blogs and become a part of the conversation, or link to others in your industry (with products that compliment yours, not compete with it).  Sometimes, inbound links are even more important than social media shares!

As you can see, these are just a few great ways to increase your chances of appearing in local searches.  Customers want to see a company they can trust, that has great customer service, and a local business to support.

Need help with your local SEO?  Send us a message today!

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