Instagram Business: 4 Interesting Ways to Grow Followers

Jackie L.


Instagram is easily becoming the Go-To platform for most businesses.  The platform provides a wide variety of ways to market to your target audience.  The sky is the limit with your creativity!  Out of the over 1 billion users on the platform, 80% of them follow a business instagram account.  Think of how many followers you can gain with your business Instagram!  

However, it can sometimes be a challenge to grow your Instagram followers.  If you find that gaining followers seems to hit deadends, check out some easy ways to market your account and win them over!

Tell a Story

The stories function of Instagram is extremely popular.  You can create a video or photo montage that disappears within 24 hours.  This limited time entices people to hurry and watch what you have to say or show them.  Great ways to use this function is to show the everyday workings of your company, post a short tutorial on how to use a new or favorite product, or tag a few customers using and loving your product.

Paid Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are super easy to construct and set up.  You control the budget depending on how many people you want to reach.  This is great for those entrepreneurs with a small budget for advertising through this route.  If you know your target audience, you can easily set it up to reach more people, faster.  Create a fabulous, eye catching image or video and an enticing Call-to-Action that no one can refuse.  Try a few types of ads, as one could do better than the others.

Share More Than Your Own Content

While you want the majority of the content you post to be of your creation and products, it helps when you share others’ content.  By sharing your customers’ or industry pals’ content on your Instagram, those following that account will come visit yours!  Once they visit, they can see the rest of your content, and become a follower.  Make sure to have a lot of great, engaging posts for them to get involved in.

Work with Instagram Influencers

Influencers are quickly become a big time marketing tool.  Influencers are usually everyday entrepreneurs, like yourself, marketing amazing products to their base.  First, you need to find the top influencers in your niche market.  A simple search on Google can lead you to a few Instagram accounts or blogs.  Look at every potential candidate’s blog and social media accounts.  Make sure you choose the influencers who have the most engaged audience, which is lots of comments and conversations.  Collaborating with someone to generate content to help you both out is a great way to reach more people, and even make long lasting relationships!

In conclusion, there are so many ways to grow your Instagram followers for your business.  Don’t be surprised if the gain is slow but steady.  As with everything worth doing, time and effort will help you be successful in the end!  Have fun creating awesome content, sharing others posts, and showing how great your company is to your audience.

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