How to Keep Your Blog from Falling Short

Jackie L.


As independent entrepreneurs, we create a lot of blog content.  Sometimes hundreds and hundreds of ideas a year!  There will be times that our ideas take our websites into low traffic territory.  Our creative minds can run dry, and that’s OK.  If you find that your content is falling short of getting you the results you want, it’s time to rethink about why that is.  Thus, leading to the HOW you can make it better.

To save your content from the abyss of the internet, or to keep it from falling by the wayside, check out the most common shortcomings of content.

Speaking to the Wrong People

Did you know that over 60% of customers are persuaded to purchase by custom content?  Taking the time to research your target audience will assist you in consistently create content that speaks to them.  Your business is there to solve a problem they have.  Know what that problem is before creating content for them.  While target audience research can take a huge chunk of time, it’s worth saving you from the headache of getting your content strategy wrong time after time.

Also, be sure not to make the content all about your company, and the problems your company faces.  You are not writing for you, you are writing for your audience.


No one wants to read or watch boring content.  Knowing whether or not your content may be boring will lie in what your target audience finds humorous or interesting.  A good way to tell your content might be lost on some readers could be too much information, filled with technical language, or maybe you just weren’t feeling the idea or topic you were writing about.

If you have a second pair of eyes to pre-read the blog post before posting, you can get some insight into what might need to be changed.  Use your own personal brand of humor to make content more interesting.  Share interesting facts or embed a great video you found to drive your point across.

Aging with the Sands of Time

If you think rewriting old content is a no-no, think again!  Industry information changes daily, so your older content can easily become outdated.  This causes it to come up less and less at the top of search engine searches.  Review your older content and update it with current industry information and trends.  Trending topics are a sure fire way to keep your audience coming back for more and more.  Updating your information also shows them that you are a business to be trusted.

You can also repurpose your older blog posts into unique and interesting content, such as videos or infographics.  Show your audience how versatile you are!

It’s very easy to lose focus or the motivation to write meaningful and interesting content.  However, there are always ways to make sure your content is enjoyed by your audience.  Making sure you know your target audience’s problems, values, and interests guarantees winning content every time.

Do you have a great way to turn your content around?  Share it with us in the comments!

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