How to Fix These 4 Copywriting Mistakes

Jackie L.


You may think that copywriting is just that…  writing.  Anyone can write! However, copywriting is truly an art form when it comes to marketing strategy.  It takes a lot of practice to write convincing copy that converts potential customers into loyal ones.  It’s easy for your copy to contain a few small mistakes that can have huge, disastrous results.  

If you want to know if you are making these mistakes, read on and get the solutions to fix them!

It’s Not About You

Look at your copy.  Count how many times you see the word “I” or “we”.  Now, count how many times you see the word “you”.  Does “you” come up way less than “I” or “we”?  If yes, then you have to fix this.  Writing copy with the focus on you is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.  Remember, this copy isn’t to convince you to buy your product or service.  It’s about that person coming to your website or blog and reading it.  Keep the customer in mind when writing copy, and talk about them and their questions or problems.  Connect with them as you write to show you understand where they are coming from.

Where’s That Call to Action?

Let’s say you write this amazing copy that speaks directly to the person reading it.  You may think that this awesome piece of copy is enough to provoke them to make a purchase.  But guess what?  It won’t.  You have to hand hold and spoon feed exactly what you want the customer to do after reading.  This is your Call to Action.  If you want the visitor to do something after reading, tell them!  Make sure to make it short, simple, and to the point.

Too Much Information Doesn’t Compute

Ever see a wall of text and feel like you gave up reading before you even started?  Don’t do this to your readers.  Too much information can be daunting to read, and visitors don’t have the time to read a novel-sized blog post.  Keep your content in bite sized morsels.  Not only will your visitors be more apt to read the whole thing, but you can split your content up so you have more of it.

The Copy Doesn’t Deliver

If you write a compelling headline, your copy better deliver.  Eight out of 10 people read the headline alone.  Don’t fall on clickbait strategies to get people to click on your link and find out they wasted their time.  There’s no faster way to drive people away than writing copy that doesn’t reflect the headline.  Make sure you give them exactly what they hope to expect based on that awesome headline.

Enticing and engaging copy takes practice and testing to find what works best with your audience.  Make sure you keep them in mind, write readable content, and give them a simple Call to Action they can follow through on.

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