How to Build a Successful Sales Funnel

Jackie L.


Whatever you business is, getting your customers to your website and purchasing your product is vital for your business to grow and profit.  That's why all businesses need to have a sales funnel.  As Entrepreneur explains, a sales funnel has several steps that take the customer to your product and making a purchase.  A successful sales funnel requires awareness, interest, decision, and action.  Whether you are starting your first sales funnel, or tweaking a current one, we have some tips to make any sales funnel strategy work for you.

Know Your Customers

This is the most important step when starting your sales funnel strategy.  No sales funnel can be successful unless you know who you are advertising to you.  Research what the collective problem or question is that your customers seek a solution to, what are their interests, which social media platform are they using most, and how can you make the online shopping experience more enjoyable.

Create A Persona or Two

No two people are alike, and this goes for customers too.  Why we buy what we buy all depends on our reasons.  This step may take some leg work as there may be several personas within your target audience.  Hubspot has a great article about the questions you need to ask to build a buyer persona.  Once you have your buyer personas, you will be able to create a more personalized experience for your customers.

Drive Traffic to Your Site

The next tip we have is to get your product out in front of your target audience's eyes.  This can be done a number of ways, such as using more relevant SEO on your website, creating landing pages that convert visitors to customers, or using influencer and guest post marketing techniques.  Making sure traffic is driven to your website or ecommerce store is important to your sales funnel strategy.  In the beginning, you may not see traffic instantly, but making sure you have creative content, are utilizing the right social media platforms, and collaborating with others in your industry will eventually have you seeing traffic jump by leaps and bounds.

Engage Your Audience

By now, you have your audience ready and wanting to hear from you.  This is a great time to engage with them.  Show them that you have the solution to their questions.  Write meaningful blog posts and social media content that addresses these questions.  Be creative  and honest in your content.  The more you engage in the conversation with your customers, the more connected they will feel to you.  Knowing the person behind the business allows them to build a trusting relationship with you, which will convert them into loyal, repeat customers.

Get Them to the Final Step

Now that you have your customers finding your product or business through the previous 4 steps, they will be ready to take the final step:  purchasing.  Make sure your online checkout service is easy and simple to use.  Not only will this make the shopping experience pleasurable, but will guarantee they will come back to make repeat purchases from your business.

Creating a successful sales funnel is important to getting customers to your website and making purchases.  If you find yourself needing assistance in creating a sales funnel that suits your business, send us a message today!

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