Google Update: Third Party Cookies & Ecommerce

Jackie L.

If you have an ecommerce store, you may want to know what Google is doing with an upcoming update to third party cookies.  This is going to have a huge impact for many online businesses.  You may be wondering how this will affect your ecommerce business.

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How do cookies benefit online businesses?

When it comes to cookies and ecommerce, they greatly benefit your online business.  This can be customer login information, their browsing experience, and other data that help you tailor their shopping experience on the personal level.  It’s also a great resource for upselling to existing customers, which saves more money than trying to get new customers.

What does the update mean for ecommerce?

There are two kinds of cookies- first party and third party.  Third party cookies are largely utilized by browsers, such as Chrome.  This makes it easier for ecommerce stores to get customer data.  But Google has decided to utilize only first party cookies in a move towards more privacy online.  That means if you visit, the cookie that has the data from that visit will originate from, and not some other website.

However, this will mean you will need to work a bit harder to gather customer data.

How can I prepare for this update?

Just because gathering customer data may be more of a challenge, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it.  Here’s a few areas to help prepare you before the update in 2023.

  1. Start collecting customer data with email newsletters.  Now is the time to really work on that subscriber list!  Email marketing is the number one way to really interact with your super customers and potential customers.  Get their email addresses by providing them with an incentive such as a freebie, coupon, or free shipping.
  2. Don’t forget your existing customer base!  Work on cultivating those relationships with them so you have a strong, loyal following.
  3. Start a loyalty program.  If you haven’t gotten on this bandwagon yet, now is the best time.  Create a loyalty program that will engage and encourage customers to continue to do business with you.  Figure out what would keep them around, and serve it up to them on a silver platter!

Gathering first party customer data is actually pretty straight forward, but will require a bit more elbow grease once the new Google update takes place in 2023.  Starting now will set you up for a much easier time with collecting customer data yourself, and continue to see successful business growth!

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