Get Followers for your Pinterest Account

Jackie L.


Depending on your business, you may be using Pinterest as one of your social media platforms.  Or, you may be interested in adding Pinterest to your social media strategy.  Pinterest is seen as a very niche platform, which isn’t the case at all.  There are over 322 million users, with 7 out of 10 users being females.  Like all social media platforms, there is a formula that you’ll have to try and retry again and again to make sure your pins are reaching their target audience.

Would you like to get more people to follow your Pinterest account?  Here’s a few tips to help you get started, or re-design your Pinterest social media strategy.

Hop on What’s Trending

This tip is one of the tried-and-true ways to get people to notice your pins.  Go to your popular feed and see what is trending.  Depending on what your business is, you can work this into your next content pin.  

If it doesn’t fit in with your brand completely, but you still think it is valuable information for your target audience, re-pin it to one of your boards.  Also, make sure to leave a (polite) comment.  This is a big way to get your brand in front of visitors’ eyes.

Be Original

Everyone loves original content.  We have to look at why people go to Pinterest.  To find new and amazing ideas!  What’s something that no one has thought of before?  Spotlight how your service or product or idea is different from the rest.  

When you create your content for Pinterest, try using your own photos, artwork, or images you create on apps, like Canva.  Use images that are interesting, such as lifestyle shots and those utilizing negative space.  You can also use apps like Canva to create images that are perfectly sized for Pinterest.  Make your content stand out with bold colors (that represent your brand) and even play with the font.  

Get crazy with other types of media!  Video and infographics are great, also!

Don’t Forget Keywords and Hashtags

Yes, that’s right.  You can use hashtags on Pinterest!  Hashtags operate the same as Twitter and Instagram.  If you want people to find your posts, you have to add relevant keywords and hashtags.  If you want to find popular hashtags in your industry, try searching for a few you have in mind to use.  We recommend picking hashtags and keywords that are extremely general.  This could cause your amazing content to get lost in the sea of other content!

Keep on a Schedule

Make sure you are posting content in a timely manner, and one the same days and times.  Consistent content goes a long way with visitors and potential customers.  When they know your content is coming at them today, it better be there today!  You can use apps such as Buffer and Loomly to schedule your content, too!  Be careful not to flood your followers with constant content.  Less is more!

Pinterest is an amazing and popular place to get a business seen!  Now's the best time to start creating awesome content and get those followers!

Need help with your Pinterest account?  Send us a message!

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