Email Newsletters People Love to Receive

Jackie L.


No matter the industry, having an email newsletter as part of your marketing strategy is extremely important.  It’s the one place where your content is not in jeopardy of being lost forever due to a social media platform going down. Over 70% of people generally prefer email newsletters to other types of marketing ploys (like text or direct mail). 

If you’ve signed up for an email marketing tool, like Mailchimp, that’s great!  You are on your way to getting those customers in!  But, if you are having difficulty finding great email marketing ideas, then check out these amazing examples below!

Round Up of News or Blog Posts

Have you written quite a few blog posts in the past month?  A round up newsletter is a great way to give your audience all they need to know all in one place.  Don’t worry if you don’t have that many blog posts to write!  You can gather the latest and greatest news that you found interesting or useful in your industry to send out in a comprehensive list.

You can still add a bit of sales in a round-up email newsletter.  While we aim to create newsletters that educate our audience, we can cleverly hide the sales at the end of the round-up list with “If you like this list, check out my (product)!”.

Subscriber Deals and Sales

One of the main draws to email marketing is to give something special to those who subscribe to your newsletter.  Readers really love email newsletters that give membership benefits, such as discounts, deals, and special sales.  People want to feel it’s an exclusive club and what better way to say “thank you for subscribing!” than to give them access that others don’t have!

Live Classes, Lectures, and Webinars

If your business has webinars, email newsletters are a great place to let your subscribers know about any future happenings.  This way, they can sign up easily should they find it interesting.  Another great feature of this type of email newsletter is you can let them know of past webinars.  Maybe they missed one, but they know they’ll get a limited recording or the option to purchase the recording for later viewing through your email newsletters!

Your Top 10s

Consumers like lists.  They are easy to read, and easy to create on your end.  This is a great email newsletter that educates your audience on things they may not have considered, making you look like an authority in the industry.  Customers shop with the intent of finding the solution to their problems.  So, why not suggest some solutions or tidbits that can help them?

There are so many ways to create great email newsletters for your audience.  By knowing your target audience, you can craft a newsletter that they will enjoy receiving in their inbox.  Not only will they read it, but it will encourage them to click-through on your Call-to-Action.  As always, focus on educating your readers, sprinkle in a little bit of sales and you will cook up an amazing newsletter!

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