Email Marketing Dos and Don’ts

Jackie L.


When it comes to email marketing, there are as many good practices as there are bad.  It’s not necessarily a bad company but understanding how customers respond to emails is extremely important.  We want them to open our emails and click on the Calls-to-Action.

Email marketing is one of the biggest routes you can take to increase your ROI significantly.  It even tops social media!  That’s why you need to understand your subscriber audience and how they interact with your email newsletter.

Let’s look at a few Do’s and Dont’s of email marketing.  Are you guilty of some of these?

Don’t Send Everyone the Same Email

Each email subscriber has joined your list for a different reason.  So, sending them a one-size-fits-all email is a big “dont”!  The best thing you can do is segment your list based on the purchases or activity of your subscribers.

Segmenting can increase click through by 100% higher than with emails sent without it.

Automation is Your Best Friend

If you are still manually sending out emails in your email marketing strategy, stop.  It’s time to automate the process.  Not only is this saving you loads of time and money, your email is getting sent out consistently.  Even if things go haywire, your automation will take care of sending everything so your customers don’t miss a beat.

Get Mobile-Friendly

The number of people accessing the internet on a mobile phone is around 55%.  That’s why it’s so important to make sure your email looks right for mobile users.  If you are only designing an email for desktop users, you will end up losing them.  

Everything in your online business should be mobile friendly.  This is priority number 1!

Don’t Trap Them

We know it doesn’t feel good when someone unsubscribes.  If you are so worried about losing people that you make it near impossible to unsubscribe, it will damage your company’s reputation.  Make sure subscribers have an easy opt-out option.  Having it in an obvious place is more likely to keep them on your list than having them make a quick exit.

Have you made some of these mistakes?  Don’t worry!  Email marketing has a learning curve and not all businesses will run on the same formula.  Find what works for you and make sure to prove amazingly valuable content that customers can’t wait to see in their inbox!

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