Ecommerce SEO: Attract Huge Sales with These 4 Tips!

Jackie L.

By 2040, 95% of shopping will take place online! The holiday season is coming into full swing as a few big shopping days are coming up. If you have an ecommerce store, you are wanting to pull in huge sales this time of year.  That’s why it’s so important to optimize your website with SEO especially for ecommerce! 

If you haven’t worked on ecommerce SEO for your website or SEO scares you, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Buying Intent Keywords

There are certain words that can help encourage your customers to buy from you.  These are called “buying intent” keywords.  You can probably guess a few, but if your ecommerce SEO or ads are missing these, it’s time to start putting more in.  Of course, your buyer intent keywords are going to vary slightly depending on your industry.

Some examples are buy (product name), where to buy (product name), (product name) deal, (product name) near me, and (product name ) in stock.

Meta Title and Descriptions

Whether you have products or services, you want to make sure you have a detailed description with ecommerce SEO. This is using keywords or phrases that your customers are using to find your products. You should also be writing meta titles.  These are short descriptions that help customers know what they can expect from your website in search results.  

Be User-Friendly

We all know the holidays are stressful, so don’t add to the stress with a poorly designed website.  Customers want to buy what they want in record time and without much muss and fuss.  If you are not sure if your website is user-friendly, have a few friends and family give you feedback.  Once you get this feedback, go into making it better.  The easier it is to use your website, the higher your ranking on Google and the happier your customers will be.

Check the Load Speeds

The one most important thing that customers want is a website that loads instantaneously.  No one wants to wait 5 minutes for a website to load.  While you perform ecommerce SEO, check the loading times on your website.  If anything is taking too much time to load, go in and optimize images, add alt-tags, short written content, and optimize any ads on your webpages.

Making sure your ecommerce website is ready for the holidays will guarantee better sales and happier customers.  Take some time to perform ecommerce SEO, because the time you invest in it will also make you much happier!

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