Creating a Successful Sales Funnel

Jackie L.


When working through your marketing strategy, you will build a sales funnel.  A sales funnel is the process that you will lead a customer through to a purchase and repurchase.  Your job as a business is to offer customers a solution to their problems and questions.  Building a sales funnel can take some time.  Many factors go into creating one that will convert visitors into customers, and those customers into repeat customers.  Making sure your sales funnel is effective and efficient will guarantee better lead generations and more profits.

We’re going to give you a rundown on how to build the perfect sales funnel for your business.  Let’s get started!

Where is Your Traffic Coming From?

Traffic is essential for the sales funnel to work well.  Once you have your target audience researched and product laid out, you will choose where you will focus capturing traffic.  If you have an analytics tool on your website or blog, look at where the majority of the traffic is coming from.  Traffic can come from your content, email newsletters, or search engines. There are many places traffic can generate, but you want to focus on where the most comes from.

Entice Your Visitors with a Sweet Offer

Now, you are going to create an offer your visitors can’t refuse.  This offer is an exchange for their information, like email addresses and names.  An offer can be anything, such as a discount coupon, free shipping, or a contest on a landing page.  The better the offer, the more likely those visitors are going to investigate further into your sales funnel.

Once signed up, you can offer something even better.  Spotify had a great offer for free users, which is called a tripwire, where you could sign up for 3 months of ad-free internet radio for only $1.  This guarantees money is coming in, because those with free accounts try the 3 months and like what they receive, they are more likely to become regular customers paying $10 a month.

Onto the Big Show

Once the customers are hooked in, you can offer your regular products.  Getting them in the beginning is the hard part.  However, once you have their attention and they have a taste for what your company is about, it’s easier to sell your regular services to them.

Another great way to offer your regular services is to bundle them together.  You see this often in website domain hosting companies.  Offer your customers different tiers, thus making it more likely they will make the purchase.

And If They Say No?

At any moment, a visitor is going to say “No, Thank you”.  And, that’s ok.  You still have an opportunity to win them back.  If you were lucky enough to get their info for an email newsletter, for example, you can continue the communication to entice them to buy.  Having a return path for this visitor will allow you to eventually get them to be a repeat customer.

Creating a well-working sales funnel takes time and well researched data on your target audience.  Once you have the perfect mix, sit back and watch your sales funnel go to work for you!  If you would like more help on creating the perfect sales funnel, give our team a ring!  We are always happy to help you succeed!

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