Copywriting: Tips to Get Your Audience to Take Action

Jackie L.


Copywriting is a vital tool for a marketing strategy.  A great copy grabs your audience and gets them to sign up, make a purchase, or take a desired action. Creating effective copy is the key to a successful marketing campaign.  Copywriting is all about sales.  You are selling to your audience.  Not all entrepreneurs are great salespeople, but that doesn’t mean we can’t ever write an enticing copy that makes people take action.

If you would like to up your game on writing more effective and result driven copy, take a look at some of the things to keep in mind below!

Decide on the Length

How long your copy is will determine if it’s going to encourage your audience to take action.  Think about your sales funnel.  At the top is the large audience you are marketing to.  This group doesn’t want long-winded copy that they’ll eventually stop reading after the second sentence.

Don’t lose them!

Keep copy short and sweet.  Your audience has only an 8 second window to be hooked in and clicking that Call-to-Action button.  As you go down your sales funnel group by group, the length of your copy can get longer.

Type of Copy Depends on the Media

The media you choose to speak to your audience through is going to determine the type of copy you create.  Are you reaching out to the audience through video?  Create a story and tell them everything they need to know within 60-90 seconds.  Using copy for social media?  Make something unique and eye catching enough for viewers to stop and look.  Using just voice for radio  or a live podcast?  Make sure all the important information is clear.  Repeat it if necessary.

No matter what media type you choose to use, convey a sense of urgency and what the potential customer stands to benefit from signing up or making a purchase.

Create a Kick Ass Call-to-Action

Writing an amazing copy will have no effect if the Call-to-Action (CTA) is completely lost on the audience.  Use the right words and phrases, such as “Sign up today!”, “Show Me How”, “Get my Free Offer”, or  “Shop Now”. Try personalizing your CTA where appropriate, like email newsletters.  Personalization increases clicking the CTA button by 42%, as opposed to those without it.

Test, Test, and then…  Test Again!

Just because your copy is out in the world now doesn’t mean it’s going to automatically be a success.  Always test your copy and CTA campaign.  Look at data, conversion rates, and website traffic. There are always areas for improvement, so test often and change areas of the copy when necessary.

Copywriting doesn’t have to be lost on the budding entrepreneur.  The whole message behind effective copywriting is showing your target audience that only you have the solution they are seeking for their problem.

Need help with copywriting?  Send us a message today!  We are happy to help

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