Content Pitfalls to Avoid

Jackie L.


Having unique and engaging content is vital to the success of an online business.  Carefully curated content has the potential to extend your audience reach.  Knowing your target audience’s problems, values, and beliefs are a great start to getting your content in front of their eyes.  It should be informative, honest, and show you have the solution to your audience’s problem.

With so many types of content options out there, it’s easy to get carried away.  To stay on track with your content strategy, here are some things that you should avoid.


Negative social media posts and content should never make an appearance on your platforms.  This could be defaming a competitor, comments about a customer or client, or letting on to any bad days you may be having.  This is especially true when you have an unhappy customer going at you on social media.  Here is a great opportunity to show them excellent customer service.  Dissatisfied customers are not lost. You have the power to make them a happy, repeat customer.

Getting Political or Promoting Religious Content

Everyone has different opinions on politics, and everyone practices (or doesn’t) different religions.  While we understand that religion and political affiliation is important to some people, we may not hold the same ideals as our target audience.  While it is generally advised that businesses talk business on their social media, sometimes a political or religious post gets in.  If your target audience has the same ideals as you, then it’s safe to say you can post within moderation (so long as it helps your audience).  If it differs, be sure to do so in a tasteful and thoughtful manner.


In this day and age, we are always on the go go go.  Our phones and computers can now proofread for us.  However, we all had one of those iPhone blunders with autocorrect.  Always proofread and edit your posts yourself.  Yes, technology is super helpful, but it doesn’t always know its grammar either.  A typo or poor grammar are the fast track to looking like an amateur.

If you are looking for something to help you, we recommend using Grammarly.

Creating Clickbait

We all have been victims to the clickbait headline.  The headline that promises but the content just does not deliver.  Avoid writing a headline that baits your audience just for the click.  Just one single clickbait headline is enough for customers to distrust your company from that point on.  We all want people to click and read our content.  It helps drive traffic and profits to our business.  However, don’t do it dishonestly.  Remember, that customers will trust you when your headline guarantees that what they’ll read will help them.

It’s fairly easy to create perfectly suitable content that your audience will love.  As long as you avoid these common pitfalls, you will build long lasting customer relationships based on trust and loyalty.

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