Boost Productivity with Google Chrome Extensions

Jackie L.


We are busy entrepreneurs.  We are always needing tools and ways to save time and money, so we can focus on what matters.  You probably do most of your work online.  If you are using Google Chrome as your go-to browser, you are in luck!  There are many extensions you can add that can help you increase productivity.  Google Chrome is one of 2019's most popular browsers.  This means there's a load of tools through this browser that we are sure you are going to love.  Check out some of our favorite recommendations!

Email Extensions

Managing your email inbox is a must when you have a booming business online.

If you find yourself checking the inbox way too many times a day, we recommend Inbox When Ready to be more productive.  You can make a schedule to look at your inbox for a certain amount of time, or hide your inbox so you can respond to emails needing attention without new ones taking your focus away.

For When You Search the Web

It's so easy to fall down the rabbit hole when you go on a search for a particular topic.  Or, you may have a billion tabs open for various reasons.  To help you keep your focus, and stress off of your computer, we recommend Session Buddy.  It's a great bookmark manager that makes organizing favorite websites simple and easy to find.

For Notes

You may use the software that comes with your computer for note taking as you research new marketing ideas.  To keep your notes organized and increase productivity, we recommend Evernote Web Clipper.  You take a screenshot and it saves to your Evernote notebook account.  You can then add keywords or highlight important parts of the page for later.  This is also great for when a link goes dead after you saved a bookmark from once upon a time.  You will always have your information!

Task Managers

There are probably a large amount of tasks you may need to accomplish today, tomorrow, or even within the week.  Making sure you have a reliable task manager can help you focus on what needs to be done now, and what can be looked at later.

We recommend Todoist.  You can set reminders for project deadlines and assign tasks to certain employees.  Not only is it great for organizing your work life, but it can also help you manage your personal and family life.  Making sure you have a good balance in your work and personal life is a must to become a successful entrepreneur.

Create the Perfect Work Environment

No matter where you do your work, you may find some environments harder to be productive in than others.  We recommend using an extension like Noisli, which can create white noise to help you focus better.  White noise used during work have shown to greatly reduce anxiety and help those focus better on the task at hand, making you more efficient.

As you can see, working from Google Chrome allows you to use a variety of productivity tools to help you work smarter and feel more accomplished with your day.

Do you have a favorite productivity tool for Google Chrome?  Let us know in the comments below!

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