Affordable Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

Jackie L.


You decided to make your blog amazing this year. Now it’s time to think about getting people to read your awesome blog!  Getting a lot of traffic to a blog can sometimes take a lot of time, effort, and you may think money.  Being a new entrepreneur might mean you have a very small or almost non-existent budget to dedicate to rapid growth and readership.

And, that’s OK!

Many think you have to plop down wads of cash to get traffic coming to your blog or website. You can still have amazing results while utilizing affordable ways to get traffic.  More traffic means you will have a much better chance of success. Try some of these tips out!

What Can You Offer Your Readers?

Your readers what something of value. Email newsletter subscriptions is where you can give more value to your existing content.  Smart Blogger says that most readers won’t subscribe to email lists because they don’t want another newsletter to deal with.  Give them a reason to sign up!  Is there a free bit of information you can give them?  A discount for signing up?  Can they be the first to know about sales, information, and promotions?  If you said “Yes” to any of these then, great!  Let them know how valuable it is to keep reading and subscribe to your email list.

Quality Over Quantity

While you need to have a consistent stream of content on your blog, don’t confuse quantity with quality.  For bloggers who make lower incomes or are individual entrepreneurs, quality is the #1 most important factor in the success of their blog.  Quality can be lost if you post too much content.  Post too much, and your readers may drop off.  Once you know your target audience, set a schedule to post meaningful, unique content they will love.

Be A Part of the Community

If you want to get some traffic to your blog, join a community especially for bloggers.  This is a great place to build relationships within and outside your industry, have the opportunity to help another blogger, and learn what works for veteran bloggers.  Make sure to engage with others, because someone who is active, friendly, and helpful will be highly regarded by the community.

Become a Guest Writer

Making sure you have guest writers from time to time is great for your own blog.  However, being a guest writer yourself is extremely helpful in directing traffic to your own!  Find others in your industry that you admire.  Become active in their community.  Write up a pitch for a guest post you’d like to write for them.

Now you have 4 great, affordable ways to increase traffic to your blog!  Find that community, start engaging, and think about being a guest writer!  There are so many options for affordable and easy ways to get the traffic you are wanting to your amazing blog!

Need more help with increasing traffic to your blog?  Send us a message today!

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