7 Tips for a Successful Ecommerce Start-up

Jackie L.


Ecommerce is huge business. With giants like Amazon and Alibaba, shopping online has increasingly been a customer's go-to choice for purchasing products without having to deal with parking and crowds of people. It is also a great place to start a successful business on your own, whether it's an online store or dropshipping products to customers.

If you're thinking of dabbling a bit in the ecommerce world, we have some great tips to help you get your ecommerce start-up shop off the ground and running.

Payment Options

There are a large variety of payment options available, and making sure you have a wide variety of those available for your customers will ensure they will do business with you. There are credit and debit cards, Paypal, bank transfers, and even crypto-currency to consider.

Transparency and Trust

A business that is transparent in their costs and practices allows them to create lasting relationship with customers built on trust. Be upfront and honest about any fees that may be incurred through the purchasing and shipping process. Make sure customers know what "free shipping" means and be consistent with your shipping charges.

You could also display a label or "seal" that shows other customers give 100% trust in and have 100% satisfaction with your business. Think about joining a well-known trade association and display their logo on your site in an obvious area.

High Quality Media

Investing in high quality images and video shows how professional you are. Customers are more likely to do business with you when your images are clear, detailed, and show every facet of your product and, when your videos have adequate lighting, crisp sound, and clear picture.

Show the Good and Bad Reviews

We all want to show off our positive reviews but, don't forget to include the negative ones too. Customers base a lot on what they will purchase through reviews by other customers. Having all reviews available for viewing in your ecommerce store is a must, and it will also help with your SEO.

Shopping Carts for All Customers

Some ecommerce stores require registration in order to check out. This kind of check-out feature that seems to force registration on a customer, who may only be shopping there once, will discourage that customer from finishing the sale. Having the option to register or check-out as a guest goes a long way for those who may only be a one time shopper. It may even encourage them to come back and purchase from you at a later time.

Use Discounts, Pop-up Sales, and More

To really draw in customers, have a few flash sales at your ecommerce store. Customers and potential customers are always looking for a bargain. Show them that you have the best bargains by having these sales. You can also use coupon and discount codes to encourage them to purchase more.

Impeccable Customer Service

Last, but not least, you should have amazing customer service. This is a make-or-break area for a business. Great customer service at an ecommerce store allows customers to feel you care for their needs and concerns. Have your customer service hours clearly shown on your store and adhere to those hours. Have live chat support available so that customers can also get an instant result when having trouble. Have an organized system for dealing with customer service emails so that each customer issue gets handled in a timely manner.

We hope you found these tips helpful in how to turn your ecommerce store into a highly profitable business! Should you need more advice on how to make your store even better, send us a message today!

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