5 Tips to Writing Better Content

Jackie L.


With everyone and everything moving online, we want to make sure we are providing the best relevant content for our target audience.  Sometimes our content creation can miss our audience, or we have a creative block on what to write.  These issues can result in lost sales and a decline in our ranking on search engines.  Engaging and actionable content is the key to drawing in your audience, and creating a strong customer-business relationship.  Our content shows our authority, how we are different from the competition, and why customers should buy from us.  

If you find your content hearing crickets, it’s time to change up your content strategy.  We have a few easy tips to help get your content back on track and well worth your time.

Do You Know Your Audience?

The best way to make creating content easy is knowing who you are writing for.  Who is your target audience?  Look at demographics. What are their everyday lives like, and what problems are they needing solutions for.  Knowing the answers to these questions makes content creation easier than 1, 2, 3.  Remember, your content isn’t about you, but about them.  

Make it an Easy Read

The average person only has 10 seconds of attention to give to any one piece of content.  If they are not hooked within that 10 seconds, they are gone.  It’s very important that you hook the reader right away.  Make your content easy to read, or even better, easy to scan.  It takes customers, on average, 3 seconds to scan content or a website.  This is a great time to use colors, attention grabbing images, and bold headlines.  

They want to find what they need ASAP, so make it easy for them to find what they need.

Use an Active Voice When Writing

Amazing content grabs the reader’s attention. Writing in active voice is the way to do that.  We used active voice in the first sentence of this highlighted tip!  To write in active voice, the grammatical recipe is (subject, verb, then object).  Read your content and look for passive voice, which is in simple terms, (object, verb, then “by” the subject).  Try using an active voice when writing your content.  

Be Neutral in Your Writing

We want our content to be easily relatable to everyone, regardless of gender, job title, and so on.  Replace words like “mailman” or “mailwoman” with “mail carrier”.  You can also substitute “they” and “them” for pronouns like “she” or “he”.  Making your content more relatable to a wider audience only spells profits in your future.

Write Out a Draft First

The first thing you write is not the last one.  If you aren’t sure where to start, try just writing about a topic.  A draft, no matter how sloppy or crazy it may read, can always be edited down to sound better.  So, just start writing and remember there is always time to edit.  

In Conclusion…

With these tips, you can create great content that is easily relatable and readable for everyone in your audience.  Know your target audience and you have won half the battle with writing a winning piece!  So, pick your topic and get started today!

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