5 Tips to Stay Motivated

Jackie L.


Being a business owner has its difficult times.  As a global community we are definitely going through one right now, together.  Whether it’s a pandemic, a shift in your market, or a less than stellar economy, we all need to stay motivated to keep going despite the difficulty.

If you are looking for some inspiration to keep charging ahead regardless of the obstacles that life has thrown all our way, check out some of these tips below.

YOU are Always Priority #1

As entrepreneurs, we can sometimes dedicate too much time to our business.  Sometimes, we have to step back and take care of ourselves (and families if you have one).  We can’t run a business if we stretch ourselves too thin.  It has been shown that 17 hours of sustained work, whether at home or the office, can have dire effects on your cognitive and emotional abilities.

Managing your time will help you feel more motivated to start your day, feel more productive, and sleep better.

Never Stop Dreaming

We will all have times where we feel like the act of dreaming is just that… a dream.  However, never stop chasing after your dream, no matter how hard it gets.  Difficult times always pass.  Keep something around your work space to give you the push to work towards your dream.  It can be a collage of what you hope to achieve.  Maybe it’s taking some time to visualize the point you wish to arrive at.  Whatever it is, make sure to continually feed your dream.

It’s a Process, Not a Destination

Of course it’s important to have a goal set, and working to achieve it.  Sometimes, we can focus so much on getting to the goal that it can seem that we never arrive at it.  Instead of thinking only of the end result, shift your focus to the process of getting there.  Changing your mindset can help you enjoy the journey, as well as making it to your goal. It will help in making you feel more productive, too.

Dive Into the Community

If you have put it off, now is a good time to become more active in your entrepreneur community. Especially now, you are most likely finding many people in a similar situation.  By talking to and connecting with each other, you may stumble upon a great piece of advice or encouragement to keep pressing on.

You can join a Linkedin community, a mastermind group, or listen to podcasts and read books by entrepreneurs you look up to.

Let It Go

There are times when things go beyond our control.  The feeling of not having control of the situation can be very scary.  However, you can focus on other areas of business like engaging your customers in meaningful conversation on social media, or communicating with your suppliers or coworkers.  Down times always happen but they never last forever.

We hope these tips have helped you feel more motivated to keep pushing forward with your business.  We are all in this together and eventually business will be better than ever.

How are you staying motivated through this uncertain time?  Let us know in the comments below!

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