5 Crazy Ways to Create New Content

Jackie L.


Despite stay-at-home orders, entrepreneurs that operate their businesses online have always been doing their work at home.  You may find that you don’t have the time you wish you had to dedicate to creating new content.  Many entrepreneurs create content by going out.  Now, we find ourselves unable to go out and take pictures, try new places out for reviews, or show our products in action.  This may lead to straining our brains a little more than usual for new ways to make content.

However, there are very simple ways to create new content for every platform without breaking your idea bank!  Check out these ingenious ways to get new content.


If you have a Twitter account, you can take screenshots of past popular tweets and reconfigure them for other platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook.  Use tweets like quotes, ideas, or tips you’ve posted in the past.

Other great places to take screenshots are while you are editing photos or videos on your phone or computer or anything in your notepad app (that’s not top secret of course!). These behind the scenes images are great for followers and fans.  Around 95% of viewers prefer real images of you and your staff, as opposed to stock photos.

Create a Cartoon

Despite what we think when it comes to artistic ability, creating cartoons instead of typical content media, like blogs or videos, is a great out-of-the-box post for social media.  Make it as detailed or simple as you like!  Add thought bubbles, comedic elements, or satirical points to make it entertaining.

Add Subtitles to Your Video Content

Video is one of the most preferred media for content.  However, not everyone can turn on the volume to videos.  This is a great time to add subtitles so anyone can watch.

Another way to recycle video you already posted is to add comments, links, and some commentary.  You could always take screen captures of your video and create a slideshow with captions, comments, and other story elements.  Creating a comic strip out of video is a creative way to reach a new audience.


Posting quotes you love are another great content idea.  You can really tailor this to almost every platform you have.  Depending on the demographic at each social media platform, you can tweak the image with stock photos or your own, create solid color backgrounds, or change up the font.  Get creative with the content and set to have a quote image in your content schedule.

Give Your Take on Trending Content

There are tons of trending content right now.  Check out trending content through Google and write your own commentary on it.  Record your voice and layer it over images, take screenshots and create a slideshow, or get really creative and paste your head inside trending memes.

There are many out-of-the-box ways to create and even re-work content without having to do any travel or looking for the perfect place.  Finding new ways to create content makes it easier on you, plus gives you the opportunity to gain new followers and fans.

What are some creative ways you are creating content?  Let us know in the comments below!

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