Syncing With Shopify: Expanding Your Store into Amazon, eBay, and Facebook

Jackie L.


Financial Freedom... Is this something you think about? More and more Americans are moving from the 9-5 daily rush desk job to a successful and fulfilling venture as entrepreneurs, according to studies posted in an article at BPlan. It has never been easier to build and grow an online business from scratch with pre-built ecommerce platforms like Shopify. Shopify has safe and secure customer shopping, easy to build and fill online stores, and has syncing capabilities with the social media and major ecommerce websites.

Starting with ecommerce platforms you already use, you can easily sync your Shopify business with giants like Amazon, Facebook and eBay. You will have the capabilities to reach more potential customers, get your brand out there, and turn yourself into a successful entrepreneur.

Syncing with Amazon

According to statistics released by Amazon, there are roughly 300 million registered users shopping on this platform. Not too shabby for a company that only began 20 years ago. With Shopify's new syncing capabilities with Amazon, you can reach these 300 million users without managing multiple stores and making it a breeze for you to build profits.

Shopify allows you to sync any products you choose directly with Amazon. Everything from adding products, creating unique prices, making descriptions, and even fulfilling shipments are all done through Shopify for your Amazon store. You create your account with Shopify and Amazon, sync it all up, and Shopify takes care of the rest. So what are you waiting for? Click here to get started!

Syncing with Facebook

If you have a booming Facebook Business page, then you are halfway there to connecting with millions of your customers with your Shopify store. Shopify makes it so easy to integrate your store with your Facebook page. Your Facebook customers can do all their shopping in one place, without leaving Facebook, and can easily connect with you for customer support and services. Customer support is absolutely essential to growing your business. When you sync Shopify and Facebook, you can give your customers the amazing service they deserve.

Customer engagement is paramount in building trust with a company. Syncing your Shopify store to your Facebook business page allows you to create a vibrant community. Build your community with the Facebook capabilities of boosting your posts according to your target audience statistics, starting conversations with relevant content you create that feature your products, and attract potential customers with promos and giveaways. Click here to start getting Likes Today!

Syncing with eBay

Ebay is where the concept of an online marketplace was born, and their 171 million users hold much potential to reach them as new, loyal customers. Shopify also allows you to sync your store to your eBay account so you can extend your business presence, get business statistic easily and quickly, and fulfill all shipments and orders without leaving your Shopify account. Even if you are not currently any eBay user, grab the offer for 3 months FREE for an eBay premium account and connect with more customers today. Click Here to Win with eBay!

With all these fantastic syncing features, what else is holding you back from being your own boss and living the life you dreamed of? Join Shopify's 500,000 sellers today with a 14-day free trial, and see the dream become reality. It has never been so easy to become a successful online entrepreneur! Click here to get started today!

Disclosure: Just so you know, we are a Shopify affiliate partner and this article incorporates Shopify affiliate links. You win and we win. We all win with Shopify.

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