4 Ways to Add SMS Texting to Your Marketing Campaign

Jackie L.


There are many ways to market your brand. For all businesses, having a mobile marketing plan is a must to guarantee steady growth and profitability. SMS text marketing is shown to be an integral part of all marketing strategies. According to EZ Texting, statistics show that millennials are the number one generation group that respond well to text marketing campaigns, with a large percentage of them preferring this method of contact with businesses. If you are looking to integrate SMS texting to your marketing strategy, check out the advice below to get yourself started right.


Notifications are a great way to use SMS texting, in addition to email notifications. Companies like Amazon send out tracking and shipment information through text notifications right to the customer’s phone. You may have received notifications for airline information to your phone, if you have traveled. This goes to show how important this service is, and it also is a great way to get customer satisfaction. The more the customer knows what’s going on with a purchase, the greater the trust and loyalty they will have in your business.

If you are going to use notifications through text, make sure they are short with only the relevant information needed.


Ordering through a text is not only easier for customers but also convenient. Dominos Pizza, with the help of AnyWare software, allows repeat customers to use a pizza emoji for when they want to order their usual. How amazingly convenient is that? You can use this feature for repeat customers or as part of the loyalty program. Not only will customers love the ease of just placing an order through text, they’ll love it even more when you send an automated confirmation text back saying it was received. It’s just another way to increase your customers’ satisfaction.

Appointment Reminders

This is probably a feature you come in contact with frequently – your doctor’s appointment reminders. If your business is based on appointments, your biggest issue is what to do with no shows. With our fast-paced culture, this is a great way to remind your customers about their upcoming appointments with you. These types of reminder texts have been shown to decrease no-shows significantly.

Discounts and Coupons

Who doesn’t love receiving discounts and coupons directly to their phone? Companies like Target have advertisements in-store with a texting code to get a coupon and customers can instantly save on their purchase. It’s been shown that having a coupon directly texted to the customer’s device, as opposed to having to go through the process of signing up for the coupon, results in more sales than the latter. Not only is it convenient, but you are showing how eco-friendly your company is by saving on printing coupons on paper.

With the popularity of smartphones and customers preferring convenience over all else, there’s no reason to not have an amazing SMS texting campaign. SMS texting can also help you reach your audience within 8 seconds or less, which is vital for all marketing campaigns. If you find you’re needing assistance with integrating SMS texting for your business, send us a message today! Our expert staff will be happy to help you.

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