4 Tips to Up Your Content Marketing Game

Jackie L.


Did you know that most content marketers create at least one piece of content every day for their content marketing strategy?  We know that can be a lot but it's more about posting on a consistent schedule with valuable content that your readers will love!  Your content should be speaking to your audience.  It will drive traffic to your website and help build those customer-business relationships.

However, if you are finding that your content marketing may be lacking, here’s a few tips to take the good content and make it amazing!

How Good is Your Grammar?

Are you proofreading your content?  Most of us probably aren’t.  If you are thinking,”I took so much time writing it that I just cannot be bothered any more!” then stop!  Re-read that content!  While applications like Microsoft Word or Google Docs help show us spelling and possible grammatical errors, it doesn’t always suggest the correct grammar, nor do they catch all errors.

Always, always, ALWAYS go over any written content before you post it.  Put yourself in your followers’ shoes.  How would you view your company if your content was filled with grammatical (and easily corrected!) errors?  Probably not very confident in that business.

Correct grammar and spelling not only save you time from going into “edit” for content, but shows your audience that you are the authority in your industry and can be trusted.

Content Should Get You Leads

Your content should be leading the customer into a relationship with your business.  Most consumers aren’t going to purchase from you with their first contact.  

Let’s be honest.

It’s going to take time and effort to build your potential customer into a first time buyer.  The old marketing rule is a customer has to see an ad seven times before deciding to make a purchase.  While this doesn’t really apply nowadays, it still stands that most consumers are going to need to be led into a purchase.  It could take 3, 5, or even 12 times seeing your company before they say “I’m going to buy from them”.

Craft your content in a way that leads them.  First is visibility.  Then, it’s valuable information nuggets, discounts, or special sales, maybe through a newsletter.  Lastly, it’s them making a purchase.

Make it Shareable

Is your content shareable?  Does it have a button that allows people to instantly share it to social media?  If the answer is “no”, then you need to add these now.  Most blog hosts, like WordPress, have options to make content shareable.  The more that people are able to share your information with others, the more likely you are to gain more customers.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Here’s a secret to creating more content…  Take older posts and update them!  Information in your industry is always changing, so should your content.  Re-posting updated content shows that you are in the know in your industry and someone to be trusted.  Take a few moments to update the dusty, older content and give them new life!

Content filled with helpful information that shows you are an authority in your industry will help lead potential consumers into becoming loyal, repeat customers.  So, look at your content marketing strategy and find ways to make it better!  Because your content is the key to a successful growing business!

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